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“He is a coach who wants glory, not money.”

“He is a coach who wants glory, not money.”


Rafael Ramosa journalist for ESPN Deportes Radio, is one of the people who knows best Juan Carlos Osorio, Fenafuth’s number one candidate to lead Choosing Honduras.

In an interview with Gustavo Caballero, US correspondent for Diario DIEZ, he talks about how this happened. Juan Carlos Osorio as technical director. He didn’t bite his tongue.

“He can do many things, he’s a team coach, not a national team coach, he can help if they give him more power, presence and opportunities to expand his work than they gave him in Mexico, yes he can do something,” telling the Mexican journalist.

“He can calmly propose an organizational scheme, a project for the development of the core forces, so that the players are not lost because I do not forget how Honduras left a very specific and strong step in the process of qualifying for the Olympic Games and how completely it ended up being ousted from the Olympics by refereeing.”

the question is: Where was this generation of good Honduran players? It is not given continuity and that may be in favor of Juan Carlos Osorio. For the rest, you have to put up with a lot of things, in the long lists that are released in press conferences, that the fans have someone send red roses, white roses, boy is it very affectionate,” said Rafa Ramos.

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He continued, “He’s one of those guys who loves to sing, and bring flowers, and he feels like a husband who can have love in every port, which is why in the last segment with the Mexican team, his wife is practically his ‘sent to guide Mexico with a chastity belt,’ so be careful.”

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As for how expensive it can get Juan Carlos Osorio, Rafa Ramos He stressed that the economic issue is not a problem with him.

The Colombian coach earned $1.2 million annually while he was in charge of the Mexican national team, according to various media outlets in the Aztec country.

In addition: Juan Carlos Osorio has to give up more than half of his salary to lead Honduras. What is the profit of the former “H” coaches?

Is Osorio expensive? consulted Rafael Ramos and And he replied, “No, look no. I’m going to introduce him to you with some of the words he said himself. In his conversation with Ferguson, Ferguson told him on this subject: ‘You trust the player who wants glory, not the player who wants money.'” Well, anyway, he is. A coach who wants glory, not a coach who wants money, that’s why the work will be honest, the work will be hard and clean, he will go beyond the learning he had before and after Mexico, let him understand where he stands.”

finally, Rafael Ramos He dared to mention the other teams that will qualify for the 2026 World Cup, with Mexico, Canada and the United States already confirmed as hosts.

They will classify HondurasAnd Costa Rica and my big doubt is Panama or Jamaica. What’s in Jamaica is great,” he concluded.