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EU permitirá ingreso a visitantes completamente vacunados a partir del 22 de enero

From January 22, essential travelers crossing the United States will be vaccinated

Washington.- Government of the President Joe Biden Visitors making essential trips, such as truck drivers, emergency personnel or the government, must cross non-resident and U.S. land borders. Vaccinated against Govt-19 According to official sources, from January 22.

The White House anticipates the need to revise rules for essential travel for leisure travelers, which came into effect in early November, a senior executive said. This month the United States reopened its borders to fully vaccinated people Govit-19.

The official told the Associated Press that essential passengers entering by boat must be fully vaccinated by the same date, as he did not have the authority to speak on the matter before the official announcement on Tuesday.

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The rules are for non-Americans. U.S. citizens and permanent residents can enter the country regardless of their vaccination status, but they face additional testing requirements because the authorities believe they are shrinking and spreading Covit-19 easily, and encourage them to get vaccinated.

Biden management delayed the demand for essential passengers for more than two months to avoid disruption from the implementation of the order for non-essential visitors (Nov. 8), especially among truck drivers essential to the economy. . In the early days most cross-border traffic was closed Epidemic in 2020, Essential passengers were able to travel without hindrance.

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