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First time since 1884!  The undefeated Ray makes history

First time since 1884! The undefeated Ray makes history

WASHINGTON — With the first two series of the season behind us, the Rays did it all…but lost.

They put in a good showing, posting a 2.00 collegiate ERA in the first six games. They put up a great defense. They’ve scored more runs than anyone else in the majors, with a lineup that shows a great combination of contact, strength, and speed.

“It’s collegiate baseball,” said Shane McClanahan, baserunner for the baseball team Tuesday. “Every way you look at it, baseball team.”

The Rays win the games they’re supposed to – and they do so with authority. They outscored their competitors by a total of 31 points (44-13). They’ve won each of their first six games by at least four streaks, the longest one-year starting streak in the modern era and the longest in MLB history, according to Opta Stats, since St. Brown’s Lewis did it in their first 13 meetings. in 1884.

“We have a lot of magic on this team,” said reliever Ryan Thompson. “I think a lot of us started noticing that in training. It’s hard to explain. I think the atmosphere is unique in this campaign.”

The Rays knew they had excellent defense and defense. But the most pleasant surprise so far was what the lineup produced, hitting . 284/. 348/. 542 with 13 home runs—the most in club history over the season’s first six games.