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ETECSA is expanding payment options for its services from abroad

ETECSA is expanding payment options for its services from abroad

Cuba's only telecommunications company (ETECSA) is currently promoting the expansion of payment options for its services, with funds from abroad. Given the apparent shortage of foreign currency, the entity needs more dollars.

The telecommunications monopoly enhances the possibility of making payments and transactions from abroad to its customers on the island. Through your site Web Officially, the company offers a wide range of products and services that can be purchased, paid for or shipped back by family and friends residing outside Cuba.

Among the services available: purchase of a mobile phone line, ideal for those who want to give a line to their relatives in Cuba, purchase of mobile phones, an option for those who want to replenish the equipment of their loved ones on the island, purchase of bundled plans (data, SMS, minutes), Which allows users abroad to contract voice, data and SMS plans to their relatives in Cuba.

ETECSA: Payments for services from abroad

ETECSA has also expanded more payments for services from abroad, such as the purchase of Nauta Plus, which provides Internet access through the ETECSA 3G network, and recharges (Cubacel and Nauta), which is the most traditional way of supporting family members in Cuba, allowing them to have Credit for calls, SMS and web browsing. It even allows you to pay your phone bill.

According to them, this ETECSA initiative makes life easier for Cubans at home and those living outside the country, allowing them to be closer to their families and friends on the island. In addition, it contributes to the development of the Cuban economy by earning foreign currency, which is most important for the entity.

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According to officials, the company continues to work on expanding the range of available products and services, in addition to improving payment and management methods to achieve greater convenience for its users. If you would like to obtain some of these services from abroad, find out more details on the official ETECSA website.

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