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Elizabeth Gutierrez doesn’t close herself off to love

Elizabeth Gutierrez doesn’t close herself off to love

Mexican actress and host Elizabeth Gutierrez Alexandre Tamargo/Getty Images

Elizabeth Gutierrez She revealed that she is open to love after her breakup with the actor William Levi. The 45-year-old actress was the guest of the show Wake up, America (TelevisaUnivision) on May 29.

beauty expert, Jomari JoysoShe took the initiative and asked Gutierrez directly if there was love on the horizon or maybe one of her son’s teammates at baseball practice was interested in her.

“But they’re all parents. We all know each other,” Gutierrez replied.

After a short while, Juisu decided to ask more direct questions. He asked: Are you open to love, yes or no? The actress replied: “Oh my God! “There is always love.”

Gutierrez managed to shift the topic and talked about her current working life and what she would like to do in the future: “Something in English, because it is my language, which I feel more comfortable with,” the model also said.

Joyso then insisted on asking questions about love, but this time in English. However, he had no answers from Christopher’s mother and Kelly.

However, the actress revealed that she would like to live in Los Angeles to further her career. “Yes, my whole family is there. So it would be ideal to work and live there with my children.”

Gabriel Soto He was also a guest host of the program and performed a sketch with Elizabeth Gutierrez in which they were asked on several occasions to “audition” for a supposed television series and one of them consisted of kissing. After several attempts and laughter, the actors were able to get very close face to face and almost touch their lips, but without actually kissing.

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez have been going through a relationship crisis since the actress revealed their breakup on HOLA! we. However, she focused on returning to work, taking care of her children and herself.

For his part, William Levy avoided any interviews and only made statements through his social networks, which on numerous occasions were to defend himself from attacks due to the alleged infidelity he committed against Gutierrez.

The actress became famous in 2003 when she participated in a reality show Heroes of the novel (Telemundo) He also has an extensive career in melodrama. In 2007 he wrote novels such as I will never forget you And Trapped (Both from TelevisaUnivision). In 2008 he starred Bought love (TelevisaUnivision) and Analia’s face (Telemundo).

In 2012 she played the role of Mariana San Lucas in the TV series The face of revenge (Telemundo). His last appearance on television was in 2017 Christmas miracles (Telemundo). Recently, after regaining her single status, she has become very active on social media and has attended events as a presenter and as a special guest on the morning show. Wake up, America.

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