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Economics celebrates its 50th anniversary with musician Luis Salinas – InfoRegión

Economics celebrates its 50th anniversary with musician Luis Salinas – InfoRegión

The Faculty of Economic Sciences celebrated its 50th anniversary with an emotional actWhere he honored the deans of faculties, former deans and faculty members. The ceremony included the presentation of musician Luis Salinas, who gave a wonderful concert. The activity was supervised by the university president Lomas de Zamora National UniversityDiego Molia; Mr. Brigadier General Gabriel Francignone and Vice-Chancellor Alejandro Coroc.

UNLZ President Diego Mulia officiated the opening with a speech highlighting the achievements of the university and the college, as well as the challenges ahead. “During the history of this college, consistency has been demonstrated, allowing the institution to be strengthened step by step,” he said.

In this context, he cautioned against that “From this university, professionals with social sensitivity, thinking of others and their community, have been trained. “Here we are not trained to think of professionals who will prioritize their individuality in their relationship with society.”To comment later: “Today we say it with pride: We are building our identity, in the colleges and at the university.”

At the end of his speech, he pointed out: “The most important day is what will come, and for that we must continue to work. We must all take care of the public university, for what lies ahead, and for all that it stands for and stands for. I congratulate this college and my dear friends who lead it.”

For his part, the professor and trustee of research and postgraduate studies at the college, Prof. Marcello PodmogilnyA first-person review of what are the origins of economic science. Podmojoelny, as a high school student, participated in laying the foundation stone of the college.

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“Although the beginning of the college’s activity was on August 20, 1973, my first contact with the college was in April 1980 when the foundation stone was laid, and it was nothingness in itself. I was there, I was the flag bearer of Euskal Ichsia and I had no idea what was going to happen next.”

He recalls immediately: “I entered in 1981 and graduated in 1986, and since then I could not leave. It’s love at first sight, love at home. Many would say that this is our second home, and it is my first.”

In conclusion, he emphasized that “we seek academic excellence, build lasting relationships with the community, we are knowledge managers through research and we have an added value, which is to be the first university in Kunurbanu, and in economics we are also the first Kunurbanu.”


Then it was time to pay homage. The first to receive a painting, a commemorative medal and a watercolor on the facade of the college were the former presidents of the university, engineer Eduardo Cranko and doctor Norberto Consani. Neither of them was able to attend the celebration (last year) of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the UNLZ.

After that, the former deans of the college received the gifts. One by one, doctors Ricardo Bahlin, Horacio Casabe, Roberto Vázquez and Alejandro Coroc took the stage. In conclusion, gifts were also delivered to the heads and co-professors of all the heads of the college.


The end was a concert at a high artistic level. The distinguished guitarist Luis Salinas and his band gave an exceptional show that lasted for more than an hour. Salinas is the brother of an economics graduate and also a native of Monte Grande.

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Finally, Dean Gabriel Francignone delivered a few brief words, taking the opportunity to express his “thank you to all those present here today, and those who could not be present. To all the faculty who, with their effort and dedication, have made it possible for us to celebrate 50 years of life in the best way possible.” , and providing high-quality education. Happy 50 years to the Faculty of Economic Sciences.”