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DACO sues 29 companies to recover money from consumers

DACO sues 29 companies to recover money from consumers

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs (DACO) has filed a lawsuit against 29 companies in favor of A refund of $140,000 owed to consumers who filed complaints against themSecretary Aidan Rivera informed Rodriguez.

The announcement came about by revealing the list of “companies that do not comply with the consumer.”

From the list published by DACO, violations related to contracts for works and services, as well as services of an auto mechanic, stand out.

In a press release, this was detailed In the first group, Epic Development, Corporation, the company with the largest amount owed to the consumer, totaling $56,500.

They are also on the DACO . list Mundo Piscinas, Inc. and Grupo Carillo, Inc. , their debts are $11,000 and $10,795.89, respectively, The official said.

“The idea of ​​these lists is that they act as an alert, so that consumers see with caution those companies that appear in them,” said Rivera Rodriguez, who emphasized that “the idea of ​​these lists is that they act as a wake-up call.”

Other companies appearing in the list published by DACO are Garage Maltes, Inc. , for which you have been sentenced for $6,531.94; In addition to LMR Doors & Windows, Inc. and CA Administration Construction Home, Corp. and Goal LLC h/n/c Kingdom Auto Imports, which owes more than $5,000 each.

And about the services of auto mechanics workshops, the secretary said Axel Lugo Maldonado H/N/C Axl Auto Service and Julio González Abreu H/N/C Taller González, who have debts of over $3,000 each.

Rivera Rodriguez also mentioned the names of several contractors, including Carlos Gonzalez Arbelo and Juan Melendez owe $8,500 and $5,500, respectively.

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“Filing lawsuits against companies that don’t comply is something DACO has done historically. But many people don’t know. Publicizing the names of these companies has been of great help, because in addition to reporting hundreds of thousands of dollars each month our employees claim in favor of As consumers, we are putting the public in a position to know what businesses have to be looked at with caution, and this contributes to our guiding objective,” the secretary stated.