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Courtois avoids Real Madrid's defeat by Getafe and moves away from Atletico in La Liga - Diez

Courtois avoids Real Madrid’s defeat by Getafe and moves away from Atletico in La Liga – Diez

The Real Madrid, With many victims, add a point to Getafe At the Alfonso Perez Coliseum for the match 31 of the Spanish League, he is only leaving Athlete As the absolute leader of the tournament.

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Those from Zidane, Who played 15 games without losing, was a strong late and restricted his second match without conceding a goal, despite clear opportunities for both teams.

The locals were the first to try. Alina He hit a free kick in the seventh minute, ending Oliveira And it boasted courteous. The visitors responded a minute later. A big pass between lines fighter Not deterrent MarianoWhich surpassed Syria At the front of the head is a scoring, but the VAR ruling overruled it with a millimeter sneak.

The match had a very high tempo and he was able to score Arambari In the 10th minute, his shot inside the area went over.

The more clearly the occasion he had had Eye After 13 minutes. His big head collided with the post. These are the two dangerous games for Getafe Make room for two more Real Madrid.

Marcelo Focus on the 28th, finish Mariano s Timur Saved above the goal line. Already at 39, lay the ball Odriozola From the right, he nodded Vinicius Jr. s Syria He avoided both of them by great length.

The Getafe He was pressed higher after going through the locker rooms and had the first chance at a shot Unal From the front that got a great response from courteous At 58.

Zidane I gave entry five minutes later to Benzema s Antonio BlancoWhich first appeared instead of Mariano s Rodrigo.

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Locals once again threatened the arc courteous In ’78, in a snapshot of Maximovich Which has been converted into Khost And the Belgian took the ball with his nails. Thus, the goalkeeper avoided his team’s fall, just as he did against Liverpool And Anfield.

Madrid turns away from AthleteThat won by an overwhelming majority today Eibar (5-0). The ranks top with 70, and the meringue with 67 Barcelonaa third with 65.