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Colgate created a new lubricant to coat it

Colgate created a new lubricant to coat it

(CNN) – Colgate wants to save you from the pain of squeezing out every drop of toothpaste. To do this, it partnered with LiquiGlide, a company it grew out of MIT Varanasi Research Group-To create a new tube of toothpaste with a designed layer to avoid any wastage.

Liquiglide It went viral in 2012 when he posted a video in which he saw a completely empty file Ketchup bottle. The slippery coating technology that made this possible is what makes this new toothpaste Colgate Elixir They have no friction.

According to LiquiGlideEvery year, millions of tons of products, from lotions to laundry detergents, are thrown away because they get stuck inside their packages, and between 1 and 13% of toothpaste is wasted per tube.

LiquiGlide hopes to lower these numbers with its technology, which it uses to design custom slip-on liners based on the product it’s placed in its container.

Currently, Colgate only sells its toothpaste tubes in Europe with this special coating. It is not clear if there are plans to sell it in the United States.

“We are transforming our toothpaste packages, which have been the same for more than a century,” said Kripa Varanasi, co-founder of LiquiGlide. “We make possible a clear, completely transparent and fully recyclable product that delivers a superior consumer experience.”

Other applications of technology

Although this is the first time consumers have been able to purchase such a product, Varanasi and LiquiGlide’s other co-founder, Dave Smith, told CNN that their technology could be used for anything from lotions to cream cheese. Regardless of the product, they say it is safe for people.

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“We’re not creating any new chemicals,” Smith said. “We are putting groups of materials together in a way that creates this effect and we can do that with easily available and completely safe materials.”

In the case of food, the coating is done with FDA approved ingredients without taste or odor, according to Smith. Health and beauty product paint is made with common ingredients for these products.

LiquiGlide technology can also be used to reduce waste during manufacturing. The company said its research has also shown the potential to reduce blood clots and biofilms that hinder the performance of medical devices.