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Carlos Vela will play in Mexico in only one city.  The brothers explain it

Carlos Vela will play in Mexico in only one city. The brothers explain it

Already 34 years old, thinking about what Carlos Vela playing in Mexican football seems increasingly unlikelybut the people at home, their Brothers Alejandro and Enriquekeep the hope alive that it can happen, although it will be under very special circumstances, namely a job Together in Cancun.

In Mexico I will only play in Cancun

For Carlos A. to play A new MLS final with LAFCAlejandro who will play in Cruz Azul, Chivas and AtlanteHe, among other clubs, indicated that the only scenario he sees as possible is that Iguana achieves promotion to Liga MX As soon as possible, so he can think about returning to the country, where he has never played professionally before.

“It’s very complicated if I’m honest. I think the only possibility is for Cancun to be promoted soon and for us to be able to give us six months or a year here,” he said while attending the conference. International Premier League Championship Which is played in the aforementioned city in the Mexican Caribbean.

Enrique, the eldest son of the Villa Garrido family today Director of Pioneers Premier League ClubHe confirmed that he asked the Los Angeles player to give him “his last year,” an illusion that will remain until the moment he officially announces his farewell to the stadiums. He admits it will be difficult, but he can’t help but think, “I hope so.”

“In the end, it’s a dream, let’s be honest, Carlos is making his career. I hope you dare to give us your last year here. We talked about it at family meals and dinners. Carlos has a contractBut I hope it happens. “It’s difficult, but until he announces his retirement, it won’t be possible.”

A year full of successes for the Villa family

sunday night, Alejandro celebrated his first title as Director of Sports Operations at Cancun Football ClubWhile Carlos is one step closer to winning two MLS Championships, there are two reasons to celebrate in the family, although they are not the only success stories. Christ I raised the crown Next Pro Cup with Austin FC II From the Development Association.

“One is happy to see it in different areas, because it is not only the well-being of Alex and Carlos that is desired, but also the Messiah, which comes from being a champion with Austin, the New Values ​​League of MLS. I would also like to be in the final, I have already reached Semi-finals, also in Division 3. “I hope it happens for me,” Alejandro added.

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