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Billionaire Jeff Bezos still uses his first office, which he built with a door

Billionaire Jeff Bezos still uses his first office, which he built with a door

On Instagram, technology pioneer partner Lauren Sanchez showed that she is still working in her first office (Reuters/@laurasanchez)

Jeff Bezos, the billionaire founder of Amazon, is known for his ingenuity and making decisions that reflect the philosophy of austerity, even in the smallest details of his daily life. A clear example of this approach is his choice of office furniture: a desk made of a door, a symbol of economy and practicality.

Despite establishing one of the most expensive companies in the world and amassing a fortune estimated at 184 billion US dollars, Bezos He still uses one of the first offices he built in the 1990s, which was built out of doors to save resources early on Amazon.

This fact was recently shared by his fiancée, Lauren Sanchezthrough a publication in InstagramWhere Bezos is shown working at his distinctive desk made of doors.

Sanchez expressed his excitement at finding his partner working in the same type of offices he has used since the company's inception, noting that those first offices are still part of his daily life and highlight the meaning behind continuous effort and dedication.

according to Interested in tradeThe door office, which Bezos dreamed up in 1995, a year after he founded the e-commerce giant, was the solution that emerged from a visit to… Home Depot.

After realizing that doors were cheaper than traditional desks, he decided to buy a door and add legs. according to Nico Lovejoyone of the company's first employees, said that these desks were primitive and somewhat unstable, even requiring cardboard under the legs to level them.

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This item has become a symbol of culture Amazon Its basic value is the economy. Over the years, the door desk idea has been embraced by thousands of workers around the world, maintaining the spirit of practical and economical solutions that characterized the company's beginnings.

Mark RandolphThe company's first CEO netflix, He revealed that Bezos He explained that these offices were a “deliberate message,” a way to communicate that the company prioritizes spending on what directly affects customers, rather than spending on unnecessary luxuries.

The tech mogul continues to set an example of his simplicity, focus on efficiency, and not giving in to luxury, at least in the office (@laurensanchez)

The billionaire who left his position CEO to Amazon In 2021, he spent the summer of 2023 sailing on his $500 million yacht and visiting various destinations. However, even while enjoying his enormous wealth and despite the scandals or challenges he faced, the humble image of… Bezos The work on his doorstep serves as a reminder of the principles that have guided his journey: austerity, innovation and a constant focus on the future.

New York Post He noted that the desk is a powerful testament to the saying, “Where we come from defines who we are,” and in Bezos’ case, this simple wooden object symbolizes the beginning of what Amazon has become today, while keeping the roots of his organization alive. And the spirit For work I always think about the first day.