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Apple Week, summarized

Apple Week, summarized

Like every Sunday, we bring you the news of the week, summarized at a glance with the highlights of what happened at Apple. From AirPods Max, to iPhone 15, to Macs and… Products that “apparently” do not exist yet. If you want to know the power of the information we were given this week, this post is for you!

There’s very little left to know about the iPhone 15, and that means the rumors continue. As one of the most talked about this week regarding its port of call. We will also talk about the new colors that will get each of the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro, and we will talk about the functionality that will come to the Apple Watch in the future, and about the new processors that were discovered and also about a problem in AirPods Max that is already repeated for the third year in a row.

What you should know about the iPhone 15 this week

After rumors that Apple might release three models of iPhone 15 phones with a USB port and a Thunderbolt port, which would allow transfer speeds of up to 40Gbps, discouraging information reverberated again this week.

Now there is talk again that the iPhone 15 will have USB Type C ports, but at a speed of 2.0. Ridiculous speed compared to Thunderbolt 4 standards. A phone from 2023, with transfer speeds from 2007. It’s not known exactly if this will eventually happen, what models might have the feature, or if Apple will pull accessories exclusive, to provide fast speeds for its upcoming flagship ships.

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Upcoming iPhone colors

Not everything was going to be negative rumors. The colors of the upcoming iPhone go hand in hand with the new materials. There is talk that the Pro range models will be made of titanium, instead of the current stainless steel. We’ll lose the gold color, but we’ll have a new titanium gray color, and a navy blue color, as a special color, similar to what happens with the dark purple color on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

In terms of iPhone 15, it will come in blue, black, green, yellow and pink. However, there has been no talk (for now) that it is made of titanium.

Apple Watch will get this functionality in the future

Thanks to a recently published patent, it has become known that these devices can include a color detection sensor. Why? If we wear a yellow dress, or a purple strap, the Apple Watch will be able to detect that color and thus adapt the screen’s color palette, based on that color.

Apple Watch sensor colors

This would be a feature of a cosmetic nature, but it would nonetheless be a catalyst and a point of differentiation for these watches compared to the rest of the competition.

New processors have been discovered in Macs, iPhones, and iPads

An X user found out in code that lists what could be new processors from various Apple teams. In a logical order, the numbers shown will correspond to the M5, M5 Pro, M5 Max and M5 Ultra processors.

Looks like Apple has started work on SoCs for the A19 and M5 Pro/Max/Ultra
I also wonder what 0x6033/0x6034 is https://t.co/C8f5vcrlFv

August 27, 2023 • 09:04

And in the range of mobile chipsets it was possible to discover the A19 processor. In either case, they are from three and two future generations, respectively, which are yet to come, since we have not seen (for now) neither M3 nor A17 processors.

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The problems continue with the AirPods Max

One of the biggest design flaws of the AirPods Max has consequences for users. Because of the construction of the pads, after being used for a long time, it will generate water condensation inside.

On the part of Apple there is still no solid response to all complaints from users. Instead, the company urges consumers to “exercise extra caution” when using headphones.