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WhatsApp: this is what the new voice transcription tool looks like | app | Android | iOS | beta | Mexico | MX | Play DEPOR

The WhatsApp It provides a variety of communication tools to its billions of users, including the ability to send photos, videos, text messages, make calls, as well as record voice messages and share them in chats. Also, starting in early 2023, you can paste these voice notes into your status updates.

The development of audio messages continues and more than one has been surprised by the arrival of podcasts. In the beta version of iOS of WhatsApp, the arrival of this function was reported for the first time, but its mass use has not yet begun.

In version, as reported by WaBetainfo, it is now possible to test scripts. Only a few users can update their apps and get the tool. It is expected that in the following weeks it will reach more iOS beta users.

Transcribe voice notes in WhatsApp

As you can see in this screenshot, the text is added to the message bubble, making it easier for users to read. This feature is enabled by default, but in case you do not want your voice messages to be transcribed for any reason, you can disable the feature by visiting WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Voice Message Transcripts.

Note that this feature always maintains end-to-end encryption because the transcription process is done locally on the user’s machine using language packs. For this reason, the ability to transcribe messages is only available to some users on newer versions of iOS, as it uses the latest APIs provided by iOS 16 that allows the app to process the voice message locally on the user’s device, without having to transmit the message to external servers.WaBetainfo broker details.

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But not only will you be able to read what the voice message is saying, but you will also have a message search system in the same chat that brings you to the voice. The body is a record of the content of the message that will eventually be used to search for it later.

Transcribe voice notes in WhatsApp. Photo: WaBetainfo

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