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American authorities warn that a total solar eclipse may affect mobile phones

American authorities warn that a total solar eclipse may affect mobile phones

the next Solar eclipse April 8 generates a lot of expectations. It will be a great event in this year's astronomical calendar because it will be a total of some parts of the planet, such as the United States, whose citizens will witness an amazing phenomenon. Other countries will partly enjoy it.

This type of amazing eclipse occurs when the moon falls between the Earth and the sun and ends Darkness of the sky For a while, which usually lasts a few minutes. And so, suddenly “dusk” falls. With these expectations, it is natural that this day is on the agenda of many, whether they are astronomy fans or not, but the truth is that the event causes a great deal of uncertainty.

Contributing to this is the recent recommendation made by some local authorities in the United States that citizens Providing food, water and fuel. This is what's happening in Lorain, a municipality in Ohio, which is the town that will best witness the total eclipse because that's when it will last the longest. The area is expected to receive thousands of curious people, which is why several alerts and advisories have been issued.

Smartphones and electric cars

But there is much more than that. And now other public profiles warn of possible mobile phone issues. According to reports from the Alabama News Portal, the states that will witness the eclipse may witness it “Infrastructure tensions» by a crowd of attendees.

Thus, it is believed that “mobile networks may be overloaded” due to the crowds on April 8 but also in the previous days. For all these reasons, it is recommended to use charged smartphones and carry chargers with them. It is also warned that this may exist Communication problems And contact at some point.

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What is no less curious is the recommendation not to use them depending on the type of car, e.g Electric car Which cannot last more than 10 hours without charging. Some local authorities indicated that “those stranded will be towed” with special trailers. Likewise, the New York State Police is coordinating with other police, emergency and transportation forces to avoid impacts.

The United States still remembers what happened coinciding with the solar eclipse in 2017, during which there were problems due to crowds. Therefore, the “boom” of users has actually been prevented in some areas, by telephone companies They reinforced their networks with mobile towersamong other services, but that did not prevent changes from occurring.