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Alexander Smirnov: Confidant accused of perjury against Biden has ties to Russian intelligence |  International

Alexander Smirnov: Confidant accused of perjury against Biden has ties to Russian intelligence | International

Russia appears 170 times 28 page document Filed this Thursday in a Las Vegas (Nevada) court, it deals with the indictment of an FBI informant for false testimony against US President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. Prosecutors describe whistleblower Alexander Smirnov's contacts with Russian intelligence. Based on the brief documents, Democrats believe that Vladimir Putin's regime has repeatedly attempted to interfere in US elections and intends to continue to do so.

“As noted, Smirnov's contacts with officials associated with Russian intelligence were known to law enforcement because Smirnov himself reported many of those contacts to his FBI handler. “As described below, these contacts were extensive and recent, and Smirnov intended to meet with one of these officials on his next scheduled trip abroad,” prosecutors said. The document says they hope to remain in custody while the case is being processed.

The FBI informant, now accused of perjury and fabricating evidence, has been used by Republicans as an attack against Biden. The document, which included his statement that Joe and Hunter Biden each received five million dollars in bribes from the Ukrainian company Burisma, justified the opening of the investigation against the president. (accusation). Once proven false, Republicans continue to harass the President.

Solicitors' docket Smirnov says he “promoted a new false narrative after he claimed to have met with Russian officials.” They say the accused admitted that officials linked to Russian intelligence participated in spreading a story about Hunter Biden.

“Smirnov's contacts with Russian officials associated with Russian intelligence services were not benign,” prosecutors say at another point. They say, “Russian intelligence services have intercepted several calls made by prominent US figures that the Russian government could use as 'kompromat.' [para chantaje] In the 2024 election, depending on who the candidates are.

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The group signing the brief is headed by special counsel David Weiss, who was appointed by Donald Trump and reached the indictment of Hunter Biden for alleged illegal weapons purchases and possessions and tax crimes. However, the lawyer now goes on the record saying that “Smirnov continues his efforts to spread misinformation about a candidate for one of the two major parties in America,” referring to Joe Biden.

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And he adds: “The court should also take this behavior into account while assessing his background and personal characteristics. What this shows is that the misinformation he is spreading is not limited to 2020. He met with Russian intelligence officials in November and is aggressively spreading new lies that could affect the US election. In light of this fact, he runs the risk of fleeing to avoid accountability for his actions.

However, Judge Daniel Albrechts has ignored requests for detention and allowed Smirno to be released under electronic monitoring with a GPS device. While leaving the court, he covered his face to avoid identification.

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