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A Adán Cáceres le decomisaron un informe sobre Domínguez Brito, otro del Congreso PLD y grabaciones a Juan T.H. y Domingo Páez

A report on Domínguez Brito, another from the PLD Congress, and records of Juan TH and Domingo Páez seized from Adán Cáceres

Santo Domingo, RD.

In the search of Major General Caceres condemned Sylvester, a document was confiscated, which was marked as secret, with statements from the former Attorney General of the Republic, Francisco Dominguez Preto.

The report contains about 7 pages, according to the documents raised by the public prosecutors of the Office of the Special Prosecutor to pursue administrative corruption.

This report is from 2014, when Dominguez Preto was serving as Prosecutor of the Republic.

Another document seized from General Adan Caceres, the head of escort to ex-president Danilo Medina, is one in a transparent spiral, with its first blank page, titled “Intelligence notes on news of the Eighth Ordinary Congress of the Dominican Liberation Party., Held on Sunday 12 January 2014.

Another document raised was a report entitled “Customer Service Information” from Bank of America, in the name of General Juan C. Torres Rubio, current director of Cestor, which contained two pages.

There is also a document titled “Taken from Station Z-101. Santo Domingo, DN at 3:40 PM on 07-03-13, Program: Afternoon Government, Producers Juan Taveras Hernandez, Domingo Baez, among others”; Document titled “Taken from Z-101 Station in Santo Domingo, 3:40 PM on 13-04-07, Program El Gobierno de la Tarde, producers Juan Taveras Hernández, Domingo Páez, among others.

The Major General was arrested on Saturday, April 24th, and since then an investigation has been pursued as part of the so-called “Operation Al-Murjan”, which is being investigated with other military personnel on charges of alleged corruption.

One of the tactics the alleged network used, the prosecutor’s office says, is the irregular appointment of hundreds of police and military personnel on the payroll of the Specialized Presidential Security Corps (CUSEP) and the Specialized Tourism Security Corps (Cestur), charging between 20,000 and 70,000 pesos per month.

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Then a percentage of the amounts indicated were charged in exchange for the reduced gifts. The authorities also indicated that, in this process, the millionaires’ sums were transferred from travel expenses, fuel purchases and food rations.

As part of its investigations, the Public Prosecutor says that within state institutions there are still members of the “corruption network” headed by Major General Adan Caceres Silvestre, the head of security in former President Danilo Medina, and that they are “maneuvering” with evidence “to avoid” getting into the hands of the authorities investigating them. .

In a request for coercive action against the six participants in the so-called “Coral” operation, the Prosecutor General’s Office indicates that the network has ordered “strategic placement” of people since the beginning of the former president’s first government in Medina.

“… they became a criminal organization that carried out hundreds of illegal operations between August 2012 and August 2020, and even in the updated update, the organization continues to carry out its operations in state institutions through the strategic placement of people who belong to the network that they respond not only with actions. A distraction, not less serious, by maneuvering to prevent evidence important to the investigations conducted by the Public Prosecutor from reaching their hands, “stated in the document filed before the court.