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A Mega Millions player has two weeks to collect a $783 million prize

A Mega Millions player has two weeks to collect a $783 million prize

Four months ago, a lottery player hit the jackpot and walked away with the Mega Millions jackpot: $1.58 billion. but The winner has just two weeks to take advantage of the option to cash out in one lump sum of $783.3 million.

The winning player, who is from Florida, has until October 7 to go to the state lottery headquarters and collect his prize in one lump sum.

If he does not do so, he will necessarily have to receive the award in annual installments for 29 years. To take advantage of this second option, they will give you until February 4, 2024 to claim the prize.

The winning ticket was purchased at a Publix grocery store in the town of Neptune Beach. This is the fourth person who is originally from Florida to win the Mega Millions jackpot.

The winning numbers for the August 8 drawing were: 13, 19, 20, 32, and 33, and the Mega Ball was 14.

Mega Millions jackpot winners have 60 days to claim their jackpot and claim it in one lump sum. After this time, they can only be collected in the form of annuities.

To receive the prize and award it in the form of an annuity, the winner has 180 days to claim it.

After paying all applicable taxes, the Mega Millions winner will receive $996.5 million over 29 years if he takes the prize in annual payments.

If you claim the prize within two weeks and collect it with the lump sum option, you will receive $493.5 million, after taxes.

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Florida does not levy state taxes on lottery prizes, so the winner will only have to pay federal taxes.

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