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A Florida player wins $1 million in a lottery drawing

A Florida player wins $1 million in a lottery drawing

A resident of Palm Beach County in the United States managed to win $1 million from the Florida lottery. This is Carl Vaudroy, 43 years old and resident of Boynton Beach.The lucky person won the amount thanks to his lucky scratch off of a BILLION DOLLAR GOLD RUSH SUPREME game that he bought at a gas station.

This was announced publicly by the lottery, with Carl Vaudreuil claiming the prize at the West Palm Beach district office.

This man bought the winning ticket from Gateway Shell, located at 2360 North Federal Highway in his hometown. For its part, the decision was to receive the corresponding profits in one payment of US$880,000.00.

The fact is that here not only the one who won the lottery benefits, but also the institution that sold the ticket. In this case, the retailer who sold the scratched copy will receive an additional $2,000.00 commission.

What does this lottery consist of?

We are talking about a kind of lottery that started in the United States. In fact, GOLD RUSH SUPREME was launched just two years ago, in February 2021.

One of its distinguishing features is that it offers four main prizes worth $15 million. But it doesn’t end there, as she also has 24 other prizes worth $1 million.

Therefore, your lottery tickets are worth $30.00. While the overall odds of winning are 1 in 2.59.

Last year, during the month of July, Roberto Lamboy Jr., a native of Haines City, Polk County, won $15 million.

He made money specifically this way, through a scratch-off from this game and chose to receive his winnings as a single payment of $13.2 million.

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