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$600 million crypto hacker 'just wanted to have fun'

$600 million crypto hacker ‘just wanted to have fun’

The hacker is allegedly responsible for stealing a record of Cryptocurrency He stated on Twitter that he did it “for fun”, After starting to return the loot.

‘Identification of defects in the structure poly Network (ndlr: the company victim of the hack) will remain one of the best moments of my life,” the hacker who is gradually returning the loot totaling about $613 million commented differently. Cryptocurrency.

white hat

poly mesh He considers him a “moral pirate”.

8:00 GMT 342 million dollars Cryptocurrency On Twitter, Thursday, on the financial platform that allows transfers digital currencies.

The victim of this theft that Attract attention among those who follow CryptocurrencyAnd poly mesh He adopted a conciliatory tone with the hacker, urging him to reach out and return the money.

The company nicknamed him “Mr. White Hat,” referring to the term used for hackers who break into computer systems to identify flaws and help organizations enhance the security of their computers.

“As we continue to communicate with White Hat, Remaining assets in Ethereum gradually” poly mesh.

“We are waiting for Mr. White Hat to return all crypto assets from users,” the company added.

The FBI and the Department of Justice did not respond to questions about the case.

(With information from AFP)

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