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Investor Mark Cuban Confirms Dogecoin Is “The Most Powerful” Cryptocurrency as a Payment Method, Elon Musk Reacts


14 before 2021 19:05 GMT

The owner of the Dallas Mavericks is planning to give “special rates” to those paying in crypto this summer.

American investor and billionaire Mark Cuban confirmed on Friday that Dogecoin is the cryptocurrency “more stronger” as a means of payment.

in a statment To CNBC, the businessman reiterated that dogecóin is “a means that can be used to purchase products and services,” and also noted that the Doge community “is the strongest when it comes to using it as a means of payment.”

The team owner said, since it began accepting dogecóin as payment for merchandise in March, the Dallas Mavericks organization has seen significant sales made with this cryptocurrency.

In an effort to push this initiative forward, Cuban announced that the organization will offer “special rates” to those paying with Dogecoin during the Mavericks summer sale.

In April, billionaire chirp that dogecóin is the “only currency” that people actually use in transactions, while Indian Bitcoin is “better than gold”.

Elon Musk, another big supporter of dogecoin, commented on Twitter that indeed “I talked about it a long time ago.”In response to Cuban’s statement.

In July, YouTuber Matt Walles, who focused on cryptocurrency, commented: Twitter That a major update to the dogecóin protocol will be released soon, which will position the cryptocurrency “perfectly becoming one of the most widely used currencies in the world.” Elon Musk responded to him and also praised the expected changes, which revived interest in the digital currency.

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The dog has a value of $0.2876, and last week grow Almost 40%.