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What did the Kardashian family do in Mallorca?

What did the Kardashian family do in Mallorca?

Mallorca Summer occupations. Everyone wants to enjoy the magic of the island, even the most famous in the world. This was the case for no more than no less than three of Kardashians, one of the most famous families at the moment. Specifically, they were Sisters Kylie and Kendallaccompanied by His mother is Kris JennerThey were seen amidst great security and confidentiality measures. However, we were able to find out Some details A visit that did not go unnoticed.

Walk through dia

Although they could travel anywhere in the world to relax and unwind, Kris and her two young daughters chose Mallorca. We learned the news of their visit to the island on Friday at the three of them Dia saw them. They were touring the Serra de Tramuntana, stopping along the way Eat in the hotel restaurant From the surrounding areas. They ordered a light lunch in which they enjoyed grilled fish, vegetables and salads, dishes accompanied by sparkling water. Already with their bellies full, Kylie and Kendall stepped out Walk along the main street of the city. Although they tried to go unnoticed, they failed. Some residents recognized them, but despite expectations, they made it Influencers They were able to enjoy their trip in peace.

Getaway by boat and Torrent de Pareis

We also learned that, despite what they themselves shared this time on social media, they had fun Boat tour. We do not know whether they stopped before or after this on their itinerary to Relax on the beach. From the entire coast of Mallorca, they landed in Torrent de ParisWhich seems to have captivated them, given the photos they posted on their accounts. We’ve seen them too Drink beer From a famous Spanish brand, while they were singing a song, perhaps during their journey through the Serra de Tramuntana.

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Despite the luxury of the ship and the hotel they stayed in, Simplicity of plans Of the Kardashians in Mallorca, at least, those who have gone beyond: the drive-thru route, walks through charming towns, beer and casual singing and swimming on the coast like the icing on the cake. In view of the plan, It cannot be said that they did not benefit After only two days of staying on the island.

The purpose was not revealed, but everything indicates that Kendall, Kylie, and their mother, Kris, They chose this enclave to be a little oasis of relaxation. Which is that Court, in search of privacyThe maximum number of “influencers” who have millions of followers in the world. In fact one a fan One of the family’s followers went to Kendall in Diaa to ask to take a memorial photo with her, but it was an impossible task as her companions intervened, saying: “There are no pictures!”. This wasn’t the Kardashians’ first time in Mallorca. In July 2023 Mother W momager One of the sisters uploaded photos to their Instagram account of them enjoying a day on the coast of Majorca on board a luxury yacht with their partner Corey Gamble and with the famous American presenter Ellen DeGeneres. It was a relaxing stop after the Dolce & Gabanna couture show in Puglia, Italy.