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Bianca Sensori on a work date in an almost revealing outfit

Bianca Sensori on a work date in an almost revealing outfit

¡Bianca Sgt He does it again! Rapper’s wife Kanye the West On everyone’s lips because after a long public absence (since last April) the extravagant 29-year-old designer reappeared in Italy, dressed for a date to work in an outfit that practically revealed her entire features!

The paparazzi’s photos were taken last Saturday in Prato, a city in Tuscany characterized by its textile and fashion industries.

Sensory got out of the car holding some drawings of clothes, wearing a V-shaped outfit that looked like a wet t-shirt. The sleeveless outfit passed down her torso and partially exposed both sides and bust.

Her statuesque legs were dressed in high-heeled slippers. Chunky She wore transparent ribbons and her hair was tied into a stylish bun.

Backgrid / Grosby Group

Bianca Censori works alongside Kanye West in designing his products under the Yeezy brand.

Backgrid / Grosby Group

Kanye was also caught at his side in what was supposed to be a business meeting regarding the Yeezy brand, which he founded while he was married to Kim kardashian.

Kanye West accompanied Sensory and was dressed to match, as he was dressed in white from head to toe:

Backgrid / Grosby Group

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The couple is accustomed to causing a stir with their presence, especially because of Sensori’s bold clothes, which usually reveal a large part of their features, and sometimes test the limits of censorship, as happened in Italy.

According to the noise Which was circulated a few months ago, Sensori’s father – who is originally from Australia – would be very upset by the way his daughter chose her clothes and would ask her to modify her clothes.

If the rumor was true, Sensory wouldn’t have paid any attention to it…

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