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Video: Lupillo Rivera insists on suing Maribelli |  Offers

Video: Lupillo Rivera insists on suing Maribelli | Offers

Lupillo Riverathe third finalist The famous house (LCDLF) once again questions the outcome of the fourth season of the Telemundo “reality” show and insists on taking legal action against the Puerto Rican winner Maribelli Rivera.

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The Mexican, who did not participate with the other finalists for the media tour program he was contractually required to complete, appeared on Univision, a rival network to Telemundo, to express himself after the result.

Although he told the “Despierta América” ​​hosts that “what stays inside the house, stays inside the house,” this is clearly not entirely true, judging by his next steps.

“We are talking with a legal team to see if we can take this action.”, He said in regards to whether he would sue Huracan Boricua, whom he described, as part of the show’s cohabitation dynamic, as a “misogynist,” a “manipulator,” and a “gang member.”


After Lupillo Rivera’s warnings to Maribelly Rivera, telling her that they will see each other “a few times” once Season 4 ends…

He explained that there were “three people” who “made a mistake” about him, but “for legal reasons, I cannot reveal anything.”

Although he did not mention names, it is possible that he is also referring to the second finalist, Rodrigo RomeBeside Ariadna GutierrezWho had a romantic approach to him but was rejected.

However, he maintains that he has no regrets about his involvement, and also takes credit for taking the reins of the show.



Maribelly Rivera leads the convoy in her honor on the occasion of her victory at La Casa de los Famosos (LCDLF).

“It’s a risk when you walk into the house. “I can say I was the one who led the show… I’m not a gold coin and the ‘haters’ who don’t like me, I bring them here.” prediction.

“I know the Maribelli votes in Puerto Rico are very strong… “If he had to win, he had to win.” He limited himself to saying about the businesswoman’s victory.

In other topics, he explained that “I did not fall in love with Thali (Garcia, expelled for breaking the rules). “Thally is a married woman with children… We had a very beautiful relationship, a very beautiful friendship.”


After finishing third in La Casa de los Famosos (LCDLF), Lupillo Rivera questioned the public’s decision and Maribelli’s victory.


Doña Rosa, Lupillo Rivera’s mother, once again attacked Maribeli Rivera, after she became a Puerto Rican businesswoman…

The so-called Toro del Corredo said that he had four offers on the table, but he did not reveal their content.

“We went in with the attitude of leaving a clear mark on the house. I think we achieved that, we achieved something completely different, people loved it and that’s what matters.”