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This is how these Cubans stole “high-tech” cars in Miami

This is how these Cubans stole “high-tech” cars in Miami

Two young Cubans were arrested by Miami-Dade authorities for stealing vehicles in Kendall. The two, along with another accomplice, now face more than 60 legal charges. The police have ample evidence that criminals have used high technology to commit their crimes.

A man called 911 last Saturday to report that his car had been stolen with various items inside. Among the items stolen was a computer, a piece of Palm Beach Fire Department equipment.

Precisely, thanks to that computer, the stolen vehicle was found in a house where it was located Southwest 80th Drive, In the Kendal area. A thorough search by officers found bits and pieces of other stolen vehicles.

Inside the place were three young men with 58 different car keys. As if that was not enough, control programming tools and signal jamming devices and four license plates belonging to the stolen vehicles were also found.

In addition, a pistol charger with six bullets and a registration document Dodge Charger Stolen. Police found two motorcycles with altered registration numbers.

Accused, seemingly harmless

Police interviewed many residents of the area and no one suspected that these youths were responsible for such crimes. The accused were living in the house four months ago.

All now face 58 counts of conspiracy to commit theft and two counts of defacing or altering a vehicle identification plate. Likewise, one of the accused has additional charges of possession of explosives as a convicted felon.

Ivan Sifonte was out on bail on charges of vehicle theft and possession of a firearm, fleeing and eluding a police officer. The current investigation remains open.

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