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Strength and Danger: Five Tips for Amazon Jobs

Strength and Danger: Five Tips for Amazon Jobs

Anyway, he was accidentally fired.

D’Angelo Padilla, who was an Amazon case manager in an administrative division in Costa Rica, commented that he witnessed several people being fired without reason.

He said, “I saw these situations every day.”

Nantel, a spokeswoman for the company, noted that the company hastily approved personal licenses during the pandemic, has employed 500 people to help address the increase in volume and has worked hard to reach. employees before being laid off to see if they want to keep. their jobs.

Amazon tracks every movement of workers in its warehouse. Employees who work very slowly or are unemployed for a long time are at risk of layoffs.

Diana Santos was an exceptional worker until she had a bad day in 2019. Her buses were late, then her apartment was reset, so she had to scour the warehouse to find a new workstation. That afternoon, I was surprised to learn that she was going to be fired for spending so much time on “off work.”

Very few employees are laid off due to low productivity or spending too much time away from their workstations, but employees don’t know it. JFK8’s internal guidelines state that the goal is “to create an environment in which we don’t report everyone, but instead let employees know we’re doing a TOT check.”

The system is designed to identify barriers workers may encounter, but some executives, including the chief human relations engineer at Amazon warehouses, worry that current metrics are casting a heavy shadow on the workforce and believe it’s a negative and anxious environment.

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After questions from the Times about Santos and TOT, Amazon announced changes to its policy so that workers are never fired after a bad day. Santos and all persons like her are eligible for reemployment. The company said it had reconsidered that policy for several months.