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$3.6 Billion of Bitcoin 'Lost' as Crypto Owners Disappear

$3.6 Billion of Bitcoin ‘Lost’ as Crypto Owners Disappear

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Local media reported last week that brothers Amir and Rais Kaji, founders of a cryptocurrency exchange in Cape Town, South Africa, have disappeared with $3.6 billion worth of bitcoins owned by users of their platform. freelance online e ITWeb.

Afript stopped working two months ago. Amir and Rais, aged 17 and 20, then attributed the suspension of operations on their platform to “piracy” and demanded that their clients not take legal action against them. “It is understood that customers can proceed legally, but we ask them to acknowledge that this will only delay the refund process,” they stated in April.

Immediately after this announcement, investors became more skeptical as they were discouraged from filing lawsuits. The fact that the two brothers had stopped replying to messages and were available did not inspire confidence either.

Some investors resorted to the services of legal teams from private companies, such as Hanekom Attorneys, due to a possible fraud, which led to the temporary liquidation of the crypto exchange at the end of April, at the request of a group of investors.

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