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Coca Cola Sin Azúcar Officially Launched |  ELIMPARCIAL.COM

Coca Cola Sin Azúcar Officially Launched | ELIMPARCIAL.COM

It is the best Coca-Cola ever made, and the famous soft drink company strives to preserve its flavor but without the sugar.

The entire process took two years to create a drink that retains the flavor of the original product and removes sugars from its formula. Its name is simple: Coca Cola Sin Azúcar.

“Our customers demand these kinds of options,” said Marketing Director, Raymundo Márquez during the presentation of the new product in all sizes.

“It has been in circulation since the end of May, but from now on you will be able to find it in various supermarkets, self-service stores and even in the corner store,” the manager said.

From a presentation with a glass jar of 235 ml at a cost of seven pesos, it goes through various sizes such as 450 ml for ten pesos, 600 ml for 14 pesos and a family size of 2 liters for 28 pesos

Red Coca Cola Sin Azúcar decal with black lettering. “It’s the fastest growing product. It’s the launch of the year,” Raimundo Marquez confirmed.

To eliminate the sugar, a mixture of three different sweeteners, aspartame, AsesulfameK, and sucralose had to be made, which helps preserve the original flavor. It also contains no calories.

They focused on achieving a better “taste” consisting of the flavor that remains after a sip. This is one of the reasons why the logo is the best Coca-Cola ever?

For his part, Director of Sales, Hubert Espinosa, explained that these new presentations also follow the context of Mexico, which suffers from high rates of obesity and overweight, new labeling law and health and wellness trends.

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