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Rodolfo Hernandez and Ingrid Betancourt Alliance for Round Two - Election News - Election 2022

Rodolfo Hernandez and Ingrid Betancourt Alliance for Round Two – Election News – Election 2022

Former Presidential Candidate Ingrid Betancourtwho had tried to get to the Casa de Nariño representing the Verde Oxígeno party, on May 21 gave up his ambition.

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After announcing his decision, He informed that he would direct his support towards Rodolfo HernandezAnd the The candidate who presented the surprise in the elections this Sunday by going to the second round with Gustavo Petro.

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Betancourt, after learning the results of the first round, spoke on Radio Caracol and Tell details of how to cook this alliance.

“After the results of March 13, I spoke with Sergio Fajardo and we both met, I told him that we have to consolidate the position. Since then, I think it has become an obsession, because we already have the two indicators that took up a lot of power. At that time, adding the percentages of the three , we managed to match what Fico had. I started talking about the union of the center, which is necessary, but nothing happened, ”confirmed in an interview.

Rodolfo Hernandez and Ingrid Betancourt.


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He added that after the debate, he met with the engineer, and they commented that “they were obliged to join, and those who left registered in the polls stayed, and the others left and joined.”

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Betancout emphasized that it was at that moment that the methods began. “With 10 days left in this first round, it was like a failure of their last approach. I told Rodolfo he had to unite, to get the midfield option to go into the second round and that we did. I gave my support to Rodolfo believes Sergio will join.”

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Finally, in a conversation with that broadcaster, he ruled out that the engineer and former mayor of Bucaramanga would accept to support the machines in these last three weeks remaining until the second round of voting, which will take place on June 19.