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Police seized two million dollars

Police seized two million dollars

The Peru PoliceWhere is one of the major countries of the world? Fake money, seized A on Tuesday Worst neighborhood in Lima Some Two million US dollars in fake notes is bound Latin America and the United States.

“We have found 15 thousand plates [pliegos impresos] With denominations of 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollars it is possible to earn about two million dollars. Col. Eduardo Cruz, head of the Organized Crime Unit.

A search of an old house in the popular El Agustino district in the east of Lima revealed trays and trays of banknotes with a high-quality printing machine, the police indicated on their account of the social network Twitter.

The counterfeiting was carried out by the criminal gang “Los Ticketeros Verdes”. One person was arrested in this operation.

10, 20 and 50 dollars have been given to Bolivia and Ecuador for 100 dollars, the police chief pointed out. Argentina and America.

Since 2013, Peru has surpassed Colombia as one of the world’s leading counterfeiters of dollars.

America In 2012, a secret service office was established in Lima to cooperate with the Peruvian police in the fight against counterfeit currency.

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