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“Not a true friend”

“Not a true friend”

The former captain of the New York Yankees has revealed details of his difficult relationship with the former player of Dominican descent, as part of the ESPN “Captain” documentary.

For several days, a small video clip that you can watch and listen to Derek Jeter Talk about some topics spread widely on social networks. The footage belongs to the documentary.captain” From ESPNWhich will be released at the end of July. In it, a former player of New York Yankees He will touch on various topics about his career and personal life, but, at least for now, the quotes about his relationship with him Alex Rodriguez This is the highlight of the video trailer.

The quote that attracted the most attention on social networks, especially in dominican republicas Jeter points out Alex RodriguezNot a true friend“.

It is known that the two players have had a deep friendship for several years, but in an interview with Esquire magazine from 2001, years ago “rodCompanion Jeter In the YankeesThe relationship began to crumble.

At that time, Rodriguez pointed out Jeter: “booked up (Geether), booked up. Jeter is blessed with plenty of talent around him, so he’s never had to drive. You don’t have to, you just have to go out, play, have fun and hit second. I mean, you know, hitting second is very different than hitting third or fourth in the lineup, because you go to New York trying to stop Bernie. (Williams) previously (pee) O’Neill and all, but you never say ‘Don’t let Jeter hit you’, it never really matters to you“.

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More than two decades later, these words seem to have not been forgotten Jeterwho provided, in the audiovisual field, part of his version of events, regarding that interview.

Those comments bothered me because, like I said, I’m very loyal. As a friend I am loyal. I just saw it as “I wouldn’t have done it” (Rodriguez comment) Then she was in the middle, the continuous hammer on the nail. They kept hitting her (the media). It turned into a noise that frustrated me. Just constant noise“.

Rodriguez He tried to apologize, although he later made similar statements in another interview, stating that there was nothing Jeter He did a better job than him, which the former captain considered as a comment that threw his work on the ground along with Yankees.

In my opinion, he got his contract and is trying to drop what I was doing, probably to justify why he was getting paid. When you talk about stats, I’ve never been compared to Alex’s stats. I am not blind. I understand that, but we won! You can say whatever you want about me as a player. this is good“, He said Jeter.

But then it all comes back to trust and loyalty. This is how this man feels. He’s not a true friend, that’s how I felt, because I wouldn’t do that with a friend.‘ Close the shortstop.