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Luis Perez was fired after Mexico's Sub-20 Halftime fail

Luis Perez was fired after Mexico’s Sub-20 Halftime fail

Mexico City /

Luis Perez coach of the U-20 national team nOr continue to direct In the age-limit groups after the failure in the previous CONCACAF World Cup, which was held in Honduras, where Entry ticket to the Paris 2024 Olympics.

After this exclusion from the selection, Perez reported to Gerardo Torradothe director of the Mexican national teams, in whose content the technician explained in detail what happened during the process that ended in failure in Honduras.

Gerardo Torrado Ignacio Hierro – sporting director – analyzed the report and decided that The reign of Luis Perez at the helm of the national teams had to endBecause in addition to the setback, there is no other team that can lead.

Luis Perez arrived in the national team in 2020 To take charge of the U-17 and then with the pandemic, when the minor leagues were called off, he went up to the U-20, where his operation wasn’t quite as good in terms of results and the proof of that was the way he was disqualified in the World Cup.

Some players under 20 years old Those who were at this failure will now be part of the national under-22 team, led by Raoul Chabrand and will be the basis of the next team. The process towards the 2026 World Cupwhere the Federation will now have to look for the best preparation, because They will have no tournaments outside CONCACAF Four years from now.

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