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New cockfighting between breeds

New cockfighting between breeds

Alejandro Fernandez during his concert at Plaza de Toros in May 2023 in Mexico City (Photo credit: Jaime Nogales/Medios y Media/Getty Images).

In the song “Belia de Gallos” there’s a line that says, “When they let the roosters loose, and they tremble with rage, there’s no one to break, to catch,” and there’s no better way to describe it. The discussion that develops between Alejandro Fernandez and Pepe AguilarThis adds to the alleged quarrels that continue for years. “The battle has already begun, the stakes have already been taken, the knives are tied, and they sparkle in the sun.”

It all started at one of Potrillo’s recent concerts when he invited singer Alex Fernandez Jr., his eldest son, who also seeks to preserve the Fernandez lineage in Mexican music, on stage. He said in a video clip that spread on social media: “I will not support any of my children if I do not have certainty that my children have the talent to present something to the public.”

When he asked for applause for his eldest son, the singer simply said, “Alex,” as if there was no need for further introduction, while the crowd exploded in joy. But it may have been the same young man who completed the show, as there was only one other person saying “Fernandez”, which sparked some laughter, including laughter translated as “Like someone losing a star”.

“No way, Aguilar, you idiot,” he replied, pausing briefly and adding, “That would worry me too much.”

If it’s a bitter joke, an unconscious thought, or an insult, whatever the intent, the words have reached the patriarch of the Aguilar lineage himself, and, well, he seems annoyed..

Sons of two other regional greats – Vicente Fernandez and Antonio Aguilar – both Alejandro and Pepe supported their grandchildren’s interest in continuing the musical lineage.

There are subtle differences between the two families, such as the fact that Angela and Leonardo started from a very young age and spent a large portion of their careers alongside their father Pepe Aguilar, and that Alex began working his way up no more than five years ago.

Although this will be Alex’s first major controversy is thanks to his father, Angela has been the subject of intense scrutiny For months, it seems as if the performances with Bebe fail because of her or the fans themselves ignore her at her own concerts.

And there is another small but big difference: the leader of the Aguilar family has always come out to defend his daughter, several times in a profound way.

Pepe Aguilar did not make a public statement about what Alejandro Fernandez said, but through stories (these messages that last only one day), The translator of “For Women Like You” could have sent a hint to Potrillo. The message he shared was: “Don’t get mad at assholes, they’re not bad, they’re just assholes. Breathe in, breathe out and think: This poor guy, he’s stupid.”

According to what was stated in a television program he presented The sun came out In 2019, Fernandez and Aguilar are locked in an ego battle. “Pepe told me that he felt like he was left aside because he said he did not have the build of others (…). Alejandro is a completely ordinary person, he can have long or short hair, and he has a beard. “How disheveled he is in a T-shirt,” said journalist Juan Carlos Cuellar. “It’s open, he’s not interested in the image.”

Another reason for this rivalry is the recognition of their peers. On the one hand, Pepe Aguilar has four Grammy Awards and seven nominations as well as 4 Latin Grammy Awards and 17 nominations, while Alejandro Fernandez has only three Latin Grammy Awards and 10 nominations, and four Grammy Award nominations.

“In 2008, Alejandro wanted revenge on the Grammy Awards. They weren’t thinking about that, they were paying too much attention to Pepe and others and he didn’t win, and they didn’t nominate him. We invented a strategy that didn’t work.” “It didn’t quite work out but we were going to invent something that would bring him focus in a musical sense,” Victor Hugo Sanchez said.

In an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Aguilar directly asked if there was any kind of animosity. He admitted that there was great affection between the two families, but the person with whom he had the least relations was Alejandro, but there was respect.

“We agree but when you reach a level of work and understanding of this work, and I dare to speak for myself and for many of my colleagues, there is no longer jealousy, anger or bad feelings. You understand and respect the sacred benefits. This happens to everyone,” he said. “I have great respect for all My colleagues. We were friends before, and still are, but we don’t see each other frequently.”

Unfortunately, Alejandro crossed a line and will have to take responsibility for his words. I hope their children will not be convinced by the alleged old quarrels between their parents.

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