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Maite Perrone has someone to defend her

Maite Perrone has someone to defend her

For many of Maite Perroni’s followers, it was easy to criticize her when she was seen at RBD shows being overweight, but the singer recently gave birth to her first daughter, whom she named “Lía”, which may be the reason why she is seen a little chubby. ususally. The Mexican responded after those insulting messages against her.

Maite Perrone defends herself

The actress also took advantage of the occasion, saying:

“I have a lot of extra kilos and what does it matter? In the end we have to embrace ourselves and accept ourselves as we are, as human beings in our processes and in our moments,” said the singer.

He also emphasized that there is nothing better than giving one’s life. “It doesn’t matter if you are fatter. In life we ​​go through different stages and we have to accept who we are. We live in a world full of a lot of stereotypes and many believe that we should follow everything that is set,” he added.

Netizens support the artist

When this interview was made public, fans of the band that had become a global phenomenon wrote:

“I liked Maite so much when she talked about weight, fish markets and tires… She looks beautiful and people get frustrated when they talk about being fat or thin in the middle of 2023, they are sad.” She looks happy and beautiful now as a mother and in this meeting.”

“There is so much wisdom in Mighty’s words, what’s the difference that she’s not too skinny? She looks beautiful. The important thing is that it’s healthy. It’s the same for Doll: Beautiful women, let them go forward without fear.

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“Mayte is so beautiful, she is enjoying her motherhood and she looks beautiful too! Her face is still the same, natural.”

“Maity is beautiful, simply because she is truly beautiful in spirit, and what she conveys is admirable,” were some of the comments from netizens.

At the moment, the famous woman continues to enjoy every presentation and shows that the only thing she wants at this moment in her life is to be happy.