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India prohíbe a las Misioneras de la Caridad de la madre Teresa recibir fondos extranjeros

India bans Mother Teresa’s missionaries from receiving foreign money

The Indian Home Ministry has banned missionaries of charity, founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta, from receiving foreign money for failing to meet certain requirements.

The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs, in a statement issued today, Monday, specified its refusal to renew the license to continue receiving foreign funds under the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act, a decision it took on Saturday.

In the same way, it determined that the organization had not received any request to reconsider this refusal, according to the Indian newspaper “The Hindu”.

Missionaries of Charity registration under the legislation will be valid until December 31. The Asian country’s home ministry has specified that it has not frozen any of the organisation’s bank accounts, but the missionaries of philanthropy have issued a request to the National Bank of India to freeze their accounts.

The Missionaries of Charity is a religious group founded by Saint Teresa of Calcutta in 1950. It consists of two branches: the active and the contemplative, with an enduring pledge of chastity and poverty, obedience and service “from all the heart and liberty to the poorest.. among the poor”, according to its website.

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