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How to Buy from Temu: Complete and Safe Guide

How to Buy from Temu: Complete and Safe Guide

Don’t know how to buy products on Temu? This guide will allow you to purchase any product safely and within minutes.

Temu app is undoubtedly the best option for purchasing products from your mobile device.

Do you think that the offers offered by AliExpress, Alibaba or other online stores do not meet your needs? If your answer to this question “Yes”, You should give Timo a chancea Chinese online store sweeping the United States and The products are offered at very low prices.

So you don’t waste your time inside Timoor make mistakes when trying to buy a product, here we will explain to you step by step everything you need to do so that you can buy any product safely and without problems, Do not miss it!

Buying at Temu is that simple

As in other online stores where you can buy products from Spain, You must have a payment method enabled, What does this mean? You will be asked to obtain a credit or debit card, or You have a PayPal account. If you have any of these payment methods, you can purchase any product on Temu.

On the other hand, here we advise Perform the steps we show you in this guide from the official Temu app For Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the links we provide at the end of this paragraph.

Google Play | Timo

Sign up for Timo

Although you can perform this procedure upon completion of the purchase process, we recommend that you do it before that. because? Because this way you will avoid inconveniences when accessing your shopping cart.

How to register in Timo

You can register for Temu from your mobile phone or computer.

  • The first thing you should do is Open the Timo app From your mobile device.
  • Once you enter the store in question, you will have to click on the section that indicates it “You”located at the bottom center of the screen.
  • Click on the option that says “Log inRegister” (Top center of screen).
  • Timo will let you Sign up with your Google or Facebook account. Although you can complete registration using your email address, we recommend that you use one of these two methods (they will speed up the process in question).
  • So you should Put your phone number (They will send you a code to verify your account.)
  • If you complete all the steps correctly, you will be registered with Temu.
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Change your Temu account region

Unlike other stores that sell products online, Temu currently does not recognize the region from which the account was created, What does this mean? You will have to change it manually by following the steps below.

Change your Temu account country

It is necessary that you choose the country you live in so that the prices adapt to your currency.

  • Within the Temu app, you will have to log in to your account (by clicking… “You”). Then you must press “session”.
  • In this section, you will have to access the option that says “Country and region”.
  • Finally, you should Choose the country in which you want to receive the products That you intend to buy into Timo.

Buy products on Temu from your mobile phone

Once you choose your country of residence, in this case Spain, you can purchase products simply and quickly.

Search for products in Timo

Temu usually launches temporary offers on a daily basis.

  • Open the Temu app and go through the menu that the app offers you. You can search for products using the search engine, or access the different categories offered by the store in question.
  • This should be added Temu organizes products by categoriesso you can find offers if you browse them.
  • Once you find the product you want to buy, you should click on the icon that is shaped like the letter A “trolley”.
Buy at Temu from your mobile phone

Most products on Temu offer free shipping.

  • You can add multiple products to your shopping cartIn addition to choosing more than one unit of the same product. Remember to click on “add to cart” So that the product is stored in your Temu account.
  • When adding one or more products, you must click “trolley”the option that appears in the bottom corner of the screen.
  • Then you have to press the orange button that says “give an order”.
  • Complete the information that appears on the screen And click on “Memorizes”.
  • Add your payment method and checkout.
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Last but not least, it must be mentioned Temu is also available on PCso you can do it Buy products from their website. Likewise, we recommend doing this from a mobile device, as its application is very intuitive.