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How iPhone 14 Pro photos improve thanks to iOS 17

How iPhone 14 Pro photos improve thanks to iOS 17

iOS 17 is now available for download on iPhone X and later. (Unsplash)

Update your operating system to iOS 17 New features and tools brought to iPhoneBut it was never mentioned that the camera will get a new option that will improve photographs on the devices.

iPhone 14 Pro Other older versions are preferred with a simple change that makes a big difference in the captured content, providing sharper images with a high level of detail.

Additionally, taking advantage of it is simple and requires no further configuration in the camera app.

Originally, iPhone 14 Pro Only 48MP photos are allowed to be taken in the format Prorawa file type that makes no changes to the image and saves it as it was taken, which is not always useful for all content.

iOS 17 is now available for download on iPhone X and later. (Unsplash)

With the OS update, the ability to capture images at the same resolution in . JPG and HIFradically improving image quality at the highest resolution a cell phone allows.

By going to Settings > Camera > Formats, we will find the option Decision control And ProRAW, where it will be possible to take advantage of this modification. When High Efficiency Capture mode is selected, the content will be saved in HEIF format, so the image will take up 5MB of storage space, while when Compatible mode is selected, a JPEG file will be saved and its size will be 10MB.

By selecting the 48MP mode, not only do we take photos with more detail, we’ll take advantage of the full size of the lens and this translates to a huge improvement over what these mobile phones could previously do with it. iOS 16.

iOS 17 is now available for download on iPhone X and later. (Chataka)

At Xataka, they’ve made a comparison of what this change represents and it’s clear that, looking at the image on the right, the improvement is reflected in “better control of highlights, a greater amount of detail, and better color interpretation”.

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Additionally, they highlighted that you can get more of the new functionality if you crop or enlarge the content, thanks to the fact that Manzana Included to better cope with noise reduction.

Apple did not provide a list of devices that will benefit from this change, but on social media some users reported a significant improvement in other cameras.

For example, Iam_tech, an account that publishes content related to Apple, shared photos taken with the iPhone 13 Pro where HDR was optimized and created high-quality content without having to edit it, because before when the cell phone was used to take photos wherever the sky or… Natural lighting, a burnt effect occurred.

iOS 17 is now available for download on iPhone X and later.

With the launch of the new operating system Manzana, iOS 17, the company’s mobile phones will have access to new functions that enhance the user experience. However, these new features will not be available for all devices as some of them will not be compatible with this version or future versions of the device. Programming.

The main reason is that some mobile phones are not compatible with the new version of internal control Department is that in order for all the functions offered by the system to be implemented, you must have, at a minimum, A12 Bionic chip Or later. Thus, they are models iPhone 8 And the iPhone It will not be updated.

The Apple mobile phones that will be able to download the new version of the operating system are the following:

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– iPhone XR

– iPhone XS

– iPhone XS Max

iPhone 11 (Regular, Pro and Pro Max)

iPhone 12 (Normal, Mini, Pro, Pro Max)

iPhone 13 (Normal, Mini, Pro, Pro Max)

iPhone 14 (Normal, Plus, Pro, Pro Max)

iPhone 15 (Normal, Plus, Pro, Pro Max)

iPhone SE (2nd and 3rd generation)