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“Hit harder”;  A teacher forces students to slap their classmates

“Hit harder”; A teacher forces students to slap their classmates

A teacher forced her pupils to slap and beat another Muslim student in northern India, according to an incident captured in a widely circulated video and sparking outrage in the Asian country on Saturday.

The abused seven-year-old cries as several classmates take turns slapping him, encouraged by the teacher at an education center in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, Trapta Tyagi, according to images shared on social media.

I have already said that all Muslim children must leaveTyagi says in the video recorded by an unknown man in the Muzaffarnagar district, as he answers that the teacherYou are right, they are ruining education“.

One of the students slaps the young man again, while the man who is recording laughs. For his part, Tyagi asked the aggressor, “Why did you hit him like that?”

Hit him harder. whose role is it?The teacher continues.

The assault was carried out to punish the young Muslim student for failing to learn the multiplication table, according to Muzaffarnagar Police Superintendent Satyanarayan Prajapat.

In our investigation, we found that the woman mentioned in the video that Muslim students are spoiled by their mothers and do not care about their studies.the officer said in a video statement.

The police have filed charges against the teacher. Initially, the victim’s father stated that he would stop sending his son to school but would not file a complaint, according to statements compiled by the Indian Express.

The event sparked a wave of discontent in the Asian country, as politicians and citizens denounced what happened in Muzaffarnagar amid a growing atmosphere of hatred against minorities, especially Muslims, who represent about 15% of India’s population.

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To plant the poison of discrimination in the minds of innocent children, and to turn a sacred place like a school into a marketplace of hate, there is nothing worse than a teacher can do to the country.Rahul Gandhi, a politician from the opposition Congress party, said on social network X, formerly known as Twitter.

Gandhi blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party for “Spread the kerosene that burns all of India