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Danilo Medina predicts victory for PLD in 2024

Danilo Medina predicts victory for PLD in 2024

The former president of re come backgeneral, Danilo Medina, expected that Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) You will win the election again in 2024.

“the PLD The president assured twice, that he would win the upcoming national elections, without a doubt.

“the PLD It exists and we know it because we see measurements made by others who are not us.” Medina.

At the Christmas meeting held in the National House of PLDAnd Danilo Medina He recommended mayors and municipal district managers not “press themselves”.

PLD Warns of Prosecution Against Danilo Medina . Management

“They should not pressure themselves, but what they can do as little or as much for their communities they do well, so that the community will know that the few resources they receive in accordance with the law are invested in the communities and their leadership will grow,” Danilo.

Fortaleza PLD

Medina He highlighted the power of the Purple Party and warned those seeking to erase the work of the PLD government that they would be wasting their time.

Who tried to erase a work PLD The government will waste its time, because over time, people will talk more about the return PLD to power.”

He noted that his only challenge u PLD Winning the next election means soon electing a presidential candidate and staying together.

“If it happens on the twenty-fourth day, he will return to National Palace Purple Flag and Yellow Star” Danilo Medina.

It is noteworthy that the meeting, on the occasion of Christmas, was organized by the party’s organs in the Presidency of the Republic, the General Secretariat and the Secretariat of Municipal Affairs.

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PLD deplores the government’s transformation of the Accounts Chamber into an arm of the Public Prosecution

This meeting helped to socialize ideas and actions and to participate in traditional ceremonies with their mayors and mayors of the country.

About 95 council members participated in the meeting with the leadership of PLD headed by Danilo Medina, Charles Mariotti, Timistocles Montas, among others.