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Drowning affects homes in the center of Zaruma in El Oro |  Ecuador |  News

Drowning affects homes in the center of Zaruma in El Oro | Ecuador | News

An emergency was reported tonight in that city of Orense. house collapsed.


A new subsidence was reported Wednesday night in a central sector of Zaruma, in the upper region of El Oro.

The stream took place on the streets of Colón and Diez de Agosto. Several homes will be affected by a sink. A heritage house has collapsed, according to previous reports.

Videos of the huge hole that formed in the downtown area are spreading across social networks.

Firefighters from Zaruma and Portofello traveled to the strip to check on the situation. Report the emergency to the Echo 911 system.

In Zaruma, residents fear housing collapse due to the effects of sewage

It is estimated that single-building homes are at risk. Some of these have been evacuated.

At about 20:30, the National Hazard Service confirmed a flooding occurred in the urban area of ​​the canton. In his Twitter account, he indicated coordinating the immediate evacuation of the families.

“The police are providing security at the scene,” the entity that deployed personnel in the area said.

And he warned the residents of the Gaza Strip, through videos spread on social media, against the sinking of the foundations of a house. Some said that roaring was heard and that several families had to evacuate from the surrounding areas. Take a video of the moment the house collapsed.

“This house had several landings a few days ago, and it looks like it will be the result of mining work under the city, the new stream is located half a block from the school of La Inmaculada, which also collapsed in 2017,,” said Jose Lucero, a resident of the canton of Zaruma.

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As a result of the drowning that occurred tonight, more than fifty homes were left without electricity. A technical inspection was immediately conducted to assess the damage to neighboring homes.

The deputy mayor of Zaruma, Carlos Aguilar, immediately summoned the emerging operations committee of the canton of Zaruma to attend the emergency, while a group of firefighters and hazard technicians carried out a damage assessment in this area.

Among the first security recommendations, access to people within the vicinity of the stream, which ended with the collapse of a structure, proved to be part of the heritage assets of the city of Ourense.

President Guillermo Laso said he has instructed the National Risk Service to coordinate with the municipality and foundations to provide care for the affected families.

This is not the first time this situation has occurred in Zaruma. Last July, Gonzalo Pesaro Street residents warned of the danger in their homes due to a well that showed ongoing underground mining activity in the populated area of ​​the canton. (I)