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Cuba Airlines current baggage policy to Cuba

Cuba Airlines current baggage policy to Cuba

How much can I take from Panama to Cuba on an Air Cuba flight? This is the question many Cubans who live there or travel to Panama for work ask. This is the current baggage policy of said channel company.

If you are flying to Cuba, the baggage allowance that you can carry on a Cuba Airlines flight is as follows. Business Class passengers: 2 pieces of 32 kg (70 lbs) each, regardless of preferred member status.

Also, passengers traveling in the main cabin: 2 pieces of 23 kg (50 lbs) each, regardless of preferred member status. Excess or overweight items or oversized items will not be allowed to be registered.

The economy class ticket includes free baggage of 23 kg, and you can pay the second baggage of up to 23 kg at the airport counter at the time of check-in. This cost just over $42 ($40 + 7% tax).

Flights to Panama without PCR. The isthmus state already accepts the vaccination plan approved by each state. If you have been vaccinated, you only need to provide a certificate of vaccination with the full schedule or at least two doses of the vaccine, according to the Cuban Vaccination Program.

Shopping in Panama

Are you shopping in Panama? Here we leave you a choice in the city at good prices. The local MEGAPRECIOS, located in Brisas del Golf, in front of PriceSmart, in the same place you have both options, only in MEGAPRECIOS you do not need a membership.

You can not only buy jam or candy, but they can also sell soft drinks, condiments, pastry tools, party, cleaning, hygiene and health.

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Also near you are Los Pueblos and MetroMall, which are two different places where you can make your purchases outside the Colon Free Zone, meaning you don’t have to buy by the dozens. If you keep your bill without problems, you can pack your bag at your accommodation and take it with you to the airport.

But there is more. On the premises they have their own weights, which they put at your disposal if you need to pack your luggage there or simply find out the weight of the goods you have purchased.

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