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Cruz Azul |  Brian Angulo takes advantage of Santiago Jimenez

Cruz Azul | Brian Angulo takes advantage of Santiago Jimenez

5-0. This is the result in the duel that they keep Brian Angulo s Santiago Jimenez For the second striker position in the team. The Ecuadorian took advantage of a huge advantage over the youth team Blue cross And it looks like they like it Juan Renoso, Which he thinks a lot about in matches Liga MX As is the case in Concachampions.

The last duel is against him Toronto FC In the first leg of the quarter-finals of the international competition, this was Angolo’s last exhibition. The brilliant gunner was sent with two goals that confirmed his team’s victory and left the pass to the semi-final on the right track.. A separate note for his first two entries, as he demonstrated the speed, power, and precision that set him apart.

But not only his high number counted in Concachampions, he is also a “debut” in the MX League and has two slots so far this competition. His background in the domestic championship is 379 minutes on turfWhich is less than the amount that Chichito was in.

Santi played 488 minutes throughout the tournament, not counting his participation in the 8–0 victory against him. Arcahaie FCWhere it went to zero. However, despite the fact that he spent more time playing with Celestials, Bebote was unable to open his registration account this semester.

If at the start of the campaign there was a debate about Jonathan Rodriguez’s companion in the offensive, at this point there is no probable argument not to leave South America in a better position. Five goals since his arrival at the club and confidently crossed the roof These are the reasons why Brian Angolo is Cruz Azul’s second striker.

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Eliminated in the quarter-finals