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Could Carlos Vela return to Spain with Lunao Leganes?

Could Carlos Vela return to Spain with Lunao Leganes?

Leganes owner Jeff Luno believes Carlos Vela still has the level to play in Spain.

Jeff Lunow And Carlos candle They have someone in common. Brother of the former player LAFC He is a manager Cancun FCwho plays in Expansion League Which is also one of the previously owned clubs Houston Astros. In case the former Mexican national team can play with the newly promoted Leganésis a “will be considered” option.

Loonau He is your owner Leganés The Spanish team, which has just achieved promotion to the first division and immediately starts preparing to face the best clubs in that country, e.g real madrid By Kylian Mbappe.

to Loonau Being asked: “If Alejandro talked to you and said: ‘Hello. Carlos wants to go to Leganés‘. To rent it or not to rent it?

“Well let’s see. I have a sporting director here, who has been very successful and I give him the authority to make decisions, but if that happens, if that happens, I will tell him, ‘We have to think about it,'” commented the Mexican businessman, in an interview with espn.

about himself Carlos candle35 years old, will still have the level that qualifies him to play in the Spanish First Division, Loonau Consider: “I think so. He’s an elite player and has had a great career. So, for me, yes.”

With the doors open to play in Cancun

In the team there will be no doubt about his ability to play Carlos candleIf he wanted to, he would have Cancun FCfrom his homeland, although it will be necessary to return from promotion, to motivate the former footballer for the national team. LAFC.

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“I spoke with Alejandro, Carlos’ brother, and I think Carlos now wants to rest a little bit. I also have 20 years in the sport. I know that elite athletes, the stars, after they decide they’re going to rest for a while, you have to give them six months or a year. Suddenly They want to play again. Look how he doesn’t want to play Cancun It is the place where he was born. He’s from there. So let’s see what happens. Of course it would be easier if we had the opportunity to advance in Mexico, but yes, and I hope that will be in the future. “If Carlos hears that, tell him we welcome him with open arms.” Loonau.

Cancun FC players can emigrate

With a rise Leganés From Spain, the door is open for Mexican players to leave Cancun FC To the Old Continent, although everything will depend on the analysis that the technical directors will carry out and review what the Spanish team needs to stabilize the upper circuit of the Iberian Peninsula.

“We have young players who have talent and are developing, and that is one of the discussions we will have, because we also have a club in the Czech Republic that is in the second division and we have a club in the third division.” In the UAE. There are so many players that we have our eyes on, regardless of interest or full interest in these players, we are now deciding. Sometimes the next step is to go to Spain, play in the reserve team, and maybe train with the first team. So we will look for such opportunities.”

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