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Apple’s AirTag is rarely on sale, but now it’s only

Apple’s AirTag is rarely on sale, but now it’s only $23

Apple’s AirTag is rarely on sale, but now it’s only $23. (Image: GETTY)

If you’ve been traveling recently, you’ve probably noticed a lot of chaos, especially with lost luggage. With many bags not reaching their final destinations, and airlines being inundated with lost baggage claims, frequent flyers have created new ways to ensure their belongings don’t get lost. Many are starting to travel lighter with only carry-on luggage, and others have found an affordable solution for keeping track of their belongings: the Apple AirTag. Now you can buy This group of four For less than $22.50 each.

Apple AirTags 4 Pack.  (photo: Apple)

Apple AirTags 4 Pack. (photo: Apple)

$89 $99 on amazon

Buyers They say that Apple AirTag It’s a “travel must” because it lets you know exactly where your bag is. With this handy device, you will not only be able to track your luggage, but also locate your wallet, keys or even your pet.

These tiny GPS trackers are about the size of a watch’s battery and weigh less than an ounce, so they won’t take up space or add weight to your bag. Best of all, they are very easy to set up. Simply hold one near your iPhone or iPad and it will connect instantly. Then put it inside checked baggage and you can track its location in the Find app.

AirTag battery It lasts over a year, so you don’t have to worry about it running out in the middle of a trip. Although the most fun thing is that if you need to search for your bag in a room full of luggage, you can find it by playing a sound on the built-in speaker AirTag. Network communication create It is anonymous and encrypted to ensure more privacy. In fact, your location and history data will not be stored on AirTag.

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The travel advice you never thought you'd need.  (photo: Amazon)

The travel advice you never thought you’d need. (photo: Amazon)

One delighted shopper said these devices are useful They are a “must have when traveling”. calculated: “I lost my luggage while leaving the country and luckily I was able to track it down using my AirTag! The airport workers weren’t very helpful and told me my bag wasn’t there, but I showed them the AirTag tracking app and after a while they found it. Alhamdulillah!”.

Even flight attendants approve of this easy travel hack. “I bought it to keep track of my bags after an airline lost my bags for five days,” single wrote. “Highly recommended, especially for travelers. They deserve it for the peace of mind it brings.”

These trackers aren’t just for travel. Customers say they use it to find out where their keys, wallets, and even their pets are. “Awesome. I use it to keep track of my dogs, my keys, and my bags.” someone pointed out. “They provide peace of mind… they are better than the baggage tracking apps offered by airlines. In fact, you can see where your bags are at the terminal.”

It’s safe to assume this kind of technology costs a lot since it’s from Apple, after all, but AirTags are actually quite affordable at just $22 each. And if you need to track several objects at the same time, you can save a little Buy a pack of four For only $90 right now. Apply this trick by purchasing an Apple AirTag before your next trip.

$89 $99 on amazon

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