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Another professional left disappointed

Another professional left disappointed

CubitaNOW write ~ Saturday, June 10, 2023

Students and colleagues of a beloved professor at the University of Matanzas (UM) have dedicated emotional farewell messages to her on social networks following the news that she will stop teaching at this graduate center.

Noraida Perdomo, a grammar teacher for several generations of journalists, was – according to a former classmate – abused and devalued at UM. He taught for years in the Department of Spanish Language and the Department of Journalism and Social Communication.

“How will we miss Master Nuri… Another person of value who is lost because he is underestimated, because he does not know how to take care of her… Another professional frustrated with the entity to which she has dedicated her life” commented the journalist Yirmara Torres on Facebook, former colleague of the professor and who left in Beginning this year, he took over his position as President of the Cuban Journalists Union (UPEC).

“The day Nuri told me of her disappointment, of the mistreatment she had been subjected to, I could not believe it. It was a few months ago. So I told her that I did not know how I had endured so much. But nevertheless, Nuri first thought of the first-year students, of which the class was The course had already begun with them. Despite his pain, he decided to finish the course with them… Among those students is my son César,” Torres said.

“Yesterday the students wanted to say goodbye to Nora. They said she cried. I wasn’t there, but I think I would have cried too… There is a lot to thank Noraida Perdomo…a lot. Her departure hurts me today. A mutual friend told me she doesn’t know how long good people will be lost.” … Our friend is right. I only wish you luck, my light. The best of your journey remains in the memories of your students. No one can erase. I only say thank you to you.”

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Dozens of student teachers also left emotional messages on social media.

Anne Ravelo writes: “In the three years that I have been studying journalism, there have been few professors who have left their mark on me. Without a doubt, Noraida Perdomo is one of them.”

“Unforgettable. The most competent professor I’ve found. Dedicated to the class, accompanies, advises, shows the path, in it, you learn and learn with you, whatever. The University of Matanzas turns off the lights with the passing of Noraida Perdomo. He’s exceptional, one of the good things to be around. If you ever take over What a median lead, I would bring a grammar teacher with me, and the texts would be sublime ”, commented Ernesto Arturo Santana.

Roxana Valdes added, “Noraida Perdomo, thank you for every lesson.”

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