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Ancelotti talks about sacking Koeman

Ancelotti talks about sacking Koeman

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Carlo AncelottiReal Madrid coach, talk to Journalism about a party real Madrid against Osasuna, I find that the whites tied at zero due to the inability to determine the competing area.

I’ve only left until the end. They are games that can happen today but the important thing is that we continue the good dynamics that we had and that we will fight for the next game.

‘It’s going to be a regular very soon’

On the other hand, the Real Madrid coach talked about the league championship and Take the opportunity to highlight the level of some of the teams.

It will be a very even league until the end. There are teams that perform as well as him PettisSeville, Rayo. La Liga will be very soon. You won’t need 100 points to win it, you’ll need much less.”

And about the match that his students played, Ancelotti added: “We played with two open sides and it is difficult to enter with a lot of people in the area. Sometimes we don’t have a lot of people there, but we went in with Marcelo and Karim … We were missing a little bit of that.” They’ll say I’m crazy, but I loved the game“.

remove comman

Eventually he was questioned about sacking Ronald Koeman as Barcelona coach and commented: “I’ve been fired several times. I’m still here alive and happy. Being fired is part of your job. When they kick you out, you have to look forward with a clear conscience and I think Koeman gave everything he had“.

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