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Live broadcast: Vida and Motagua tied, Real Spain scored and Olympia defeated Marathon!  - ten

Live broadcast: Vida and Motagua tied, Real Spain scored and Olympia defeated Marathon! – ten

At least a minute from the sixteenth day of opening in Honduras

Watch BetCris League Opening Ranking Table

Real Spain 3-0 Honduras Progresso
Platense 0-0 win
Olympia 1-0 Marathon
Life 0-0 Motagua

9′ Vida touches the ball in the middle of the field trying to find spaces. The blues are trying to get the ball back.

GOOOOOOOOOL OF OLIMPIA! In the 22nd minute, Jerry Bengtson scored 1-0 in the Marathon after a foul from the green defense.

GOOOOOOOOOOL from the real Spain! Ramiro Roca in the 19th minute scored 3-0 against Honduras Progreso.

yellow Friles Lopez del Marathon in the 16th minute.

Get started at LA CEIBA! life vs. Motagua to drive Apertura 2021.

11′ Jose Mario Pinto entered the area from the right and took a bullet that was covered by Denovan Torres. Olympia is looking for an opponent.

GOOOOOOOL FROM THE REAL SPAIN! In the 9th minute, Miguel Carrasco scored 2-0 against Honduras Progreso.

GOOOOOOL from the real Spain! In the sixth minute, Yeison Mejía scored a 1-0 match against Honduran Progreso.

7:07pm Pedro Atala is located in the stands of Ceibeño Stadium. Here with Luis Cruz, head of VIDA.

7:05pm At La Ceiba, teams Vida and Motagua are about to jump onto the pitch.

start games Olympia vs. Marathon in Tegucigalpa, Platense vs. Victory in Excelsior and Real España vs. Honduran Progreso in Morazan.

11 Spanish Real: Luis “Bubba” Lopez, Getsil Montes, Devron Garcia, Franklin Flores, Kevin Alvarez, Myron Flores, Joe Benavidez, Jason Mejia, Miguel Carrasco, Ramiro Roca and Omar Rosas. DT Raul Gutierrez.

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11 From Honduran Progreso: Jose Queiroz, Andes Salazar, Brian Johnson, Juan Bolaños, Victor Araoz, Kelvin Caminos, Giovanni Martinez, Daniel Roches, Julian Martinez, Christian Sakaza and Thomas Sorto. DT: John Jairo Lopez.

11 Platency: Bruno Aleman, Marcos Martinez, David Mendoza, Cesar Oseguera, Richard, Zuniga, Jose Montoya, Dylan Andrade, Jorge Cardona, Hector Aranda, Alan Santos, and Aldo Fajardo. DT Ramon Maradiaga.

11 Victoria: Isao Flores, Carlos Palacios, Kenneth Hernandez, Marlon Flores, Eduardo Martinez, Damien Ramirez, Marcelo Canales, Oscar Suazo, Walter Chavez, Jose Galindo and Yudel Lahira. DT Salomon Nazar.

11 of life: Roberto Lopez, Carlos Sanchez, Brian Barrios, Juan Pablo Montes, Sergio Peña, Roger Sander, Carlos Argueta, Denis Meléndez, Alexandre Aguilar, Luis Palma and Angel Tejeda: Fernando Mera.

11 Motagua: Jonathan Roger, Wesley Decas, Carlos Melendez, Christopher Melendez, Omar Elvir, Carlos Fernandez, Marcelo Santos, Juan Delgado, Diego Oske, Ivan Lopez, Gonzalo Closiner. DT: Diego Vazquez.

On the eleventh of Olympia: Edric Menjivar, Luis Reyes, Brian Pickles, Jonathan Paz, Javier Portillo, German Mejia, Christian Altamirano, Edwin Rodriguez, Jose M Pinto, Justin Arboleda, Jerry Bengtson. DT: Pedro Truglio.

Eleventh of the marathon: Dinovan Torres, Alans Vargas, Matías Teixeira, Luis Vega, Luis Garrido, Kervin Arriaga, Carlos Garcia, Brian Castillo, David Aguilera, Isaac Castillo and Friles Lopez. DT: Martin Garcia.

6:15 pm Luis Cruz, president of Vida Club, upon his arrival at Sibieno Stadium to cheer his team in an important match for first place.

6:05pm Fans begin to enter La Ceiba stadium. Good attendance expected today for Vida vs. Motagua, a duel where first place is at stake.

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5:55pm The red and blue shirts are already on the outskirts of the giant statue of Seba.

5:40 pm This is what the outskirts of Sibijno Stadium look like at this time.

5:30pm The Vida team is the first to arrive at Cepiño Stadium for a match against Motagua.