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“Abandoned football field”

“Abandoned football field”

A Cuban who arrived from Mexico was surprised by the abandonment of the first leg of… José Martí International Airport in Havanawhich he likened to a neglected baseball field.

Reynaldo Lopez denounced Vasquez Facebook When he entered the domestic flight lounge to continue his journey to Santiago de Cuba, he found a dark place.

Facebook screenshot/Reynaldo Lopez Vazquez

It looked like a ballpark that hadn’t been played in a long time.He posted on social media expressing his anger.

He explained that when he asked one of the employees about the reason for the state of abandonment, he replied: “Why would you want to go in if there’s not even bread?“, denouncing the poor quality of services and offers on this site.

The Cuban’s unfortunate experience continued with a flight delay, resulting in his arrival in Santiago de Cuba at 2:00 AM.

Lopez indicated that he arrived at Havana Airport from Merida at 2:30 pm the previous day. In total, it took approximately 12 hours to get from the capital to Santiago de Cuba.

The experience, he says, was a clear reminder that he was in the Caribbean country: “It seemed like they wanted to remind me and make it loud and clear: Don’t get your hopes up, you’ve just arrived in Cuba“.

the Actual Economic crisis It affects every corner of the country, including airport services, where numerous complaints attest to the lack of maintenance, and the unstable condition of the facilities as well as services.

last march, The critical energy situation that the country is going through It became clear in Cuba’s main entry and exit hall, When its users were surprised by a power outage.

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Instagram user un_martitodurako8_live_oficial He shared a video clip of the parked station, with many people inside, waiting for electrical service to be restored, which led to the cessation of airport lounge operations.

As a tourist from Peru, who visited Cuba last February, saw Havana Airport, Which he described as one of the oldest he had seen.

“It still retains the essence of airports from the 60s, 50s and 40s,” the creator said. Mauricio Aissatidentified as Pasaje en Mano Perú on her social networks, through a video uploaded to Tik Tok.