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Asesinato del niño Llenas Aybar: 25 años de dolor

Killing of the child Linas Aybar: 25 years of pain

Today, May 4, Dominican society still remembers with regret how two young men 25 years ago killed José Rafael Linas Aybar, in one of the most tragic cases the country has suffered, defined as the “case” of the century.

His dead body was found half-submerged in a creek on Saturday May 4, 1996, around this time. His relatives remember that if Jose Raphael had been alive, he would have turned 37.

Go see a motor show in a supermarket. The deception was that the assassins, his first cousin Mario José Redondo Linas, 19, and his friend Juan Manuel Molina Rodriguez, 18, had taken him out of his home when he was 12 years old.

What shocked society, leaving traces after more than two decades of the event, was the way in which Jose Raphael was killed by his cousin, who entrusted the minor’s parents with his brood. The body of the infant was found in the stream of LeBronClose to kilometer 24 of the Duarte highway, in somewhat “extreme” conditions: Wrapped in thick sticky zinc and 34 stab wounds pierced the skin of his back.

Participants in the trial, F.He was the first cousin who stabbed himWhile the role of Moulinier Rodriguez was limited to holding him tight to “calm him”.

But before that, Jose Rafael had already been tortured since then He spent several hours handcuffed and footed in the trunk of the car While killing him, “Find out what to do with him.”

The day of the disappearance

The day before his tragic death, Jose Rafael’s mother, Eliana Aybar Nadal, received a call from her son at work requesting permission to go out with his cousin to attend an alleged car show held in a supermarket. Eliana agreed on the condition that her son return home at 5:00 in the afternoon.

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However, Jose Rafael has not made it to the auto show, since then His real whereabouts was the home of his cousin’s friendMario Redondo and Moulinier Rodriguez start planning what to do with it.

At trial, both announced that they intended in principle to kidnap him to collect a ransom of nearly R $ 10 million, given that the child came from an upper-middle-class family, but ended up killing him.

After he “turned” in the car, where Jose Raphael was kept in the trunk and gagged, Mario Redondo told his friend that the boy could not go home because he “could talk” so they stabbed him there and then threw him into the stream.

At that point Mario called his cousin’s mother, his aunt, to tell her about it I had left it at La Bolera at the child’s requestSince then, he has met some friends.

Ileana Aybar has become suspicious since then Her son never came out without adult supervision. So he went to the supermarket where he thought he would find the auto show, but there wasn’t one.

Then he goes to the arena where Mario is supposed to have left his cousin, but has not found him. Amidst despair and fear, the mother called her cousin Guillermo Moncada Aybar to help her find her son. After some time, Mario himself joined the “anxious” search.

A day later, two peasants from the El Senet sector in Pedro Brand found the body of Jose Raphael lying in a stream, only his feet floating.

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A piece of paper in your hands

A leaf found in the dead child’s hand He was the evidence that led the authorities to the perpetrators of the crime.

The “piece of paper” contained the phone number of Kimberly Caldas, Molini’s friend. The investigators then reached out to the baby’s first cousin, Mario Redondo Linas. The next day, those involved were arrested and they confessed to what I had done.

Campaigns for justice for crime have expanded rapidly in the country. A plane flew into the skies over the greater city of Santo Domingo with a sign reading “Justice for Jose”.

Mario Redondo and Mouliné Rodriguez were initially sentenced to 30 years in prison to serve in the prisons of San Pedro de Macorís and Ngayo Hombres respectively, however, on October 14, 2002, the Criminal Chamber of the Court of Appeal of Santo Sunday Reduced Molini’s sentence to 20 years and approved Mario’s sentence to 30 years.

“The pain of my son’s lack does not compensate him with any judgment.”Then, she voiced to the media the mother of Jose Raphael.

Both are accused of murder, kidnapping, gross theft, criminal association, and illegal possession of a knife at the expense of the minor. In addition to the years they spent in prison, they were also sentenced to pay five million pesos in compensation to the victim’s parents.

Mullen is released

In May 2016, Molina Rodriguez, whose sentence was commuted to 20 years, served his sentence and was released by the courts.
He had previously applied for parole in court, but was never granted.

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When he took to the streets, he gave a “message of penance” and a “request for forgiveness” from Dominican society. About the fateful crime he committed with Mario Redondo.

I admit it “Young people played against him”, Since he was only 18 years old when he was an accomplice to a brutal murder.

“You see, I have served my entire sentence,” he told the media. “I did so in the hope that by serving the full sentence I will bring calm and a little peace to the people who have been harmed by this fact.” .

Redondo will be out in five years

Mario Redondo, who has been identified as the physical perpetrator of the act, requested parole on several occasions, claiming that “He was rehabilitated to live in the community,” and in all of them he refused.

The report, called DSM IV Diagnostic Criteria for Mental Disorders, states that the killer suffers from an antisocial personality disorder and is categorized as a person who is in conflict with an unstable personality.

Through a letter his parents sent to the media in the name of Mario Redondo, the convict refers to “I live with countless amounts of pain, tears in my soul, A corollary of my connection with the terrible tragedy that ended my cousin’s life“.