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The time has passed to approve immigration reform

The time has passed to approve immigration reform

Defenders Undocumented This week they are running a race against time to include immigration reform in support of millions in the social spending plan. DemocratsAccording to experts, it should be approved by the end of October.

Democrats tried to build a proposal Millions of immigrants must pave the way for citizenship for the social spending program $ 3.5 trillion, which must be passed through the Senate-only budget “reconciliation” mechanism.

But to date both attempts by Democrats have failed, leaving activists and the undocumented community with little hope.

Time is running out

Activists are really interested. “Time is upIn order to implement the Social Expenditure Plan, which is the main objective of the Presidential Administration, Joe Biden.

Nicole MelakuAdministrative director National Alliance for New Americans, (NPNA) “Negotiations are ongoing on what will be added to the established deadline for approving the package by compromise by the end of October,” he explained, adding that it did not require Republican support.

Since last week Elizabeth McDonough, Responsible for interpreting Senate Regulation, Rejected for a second time, as measures to increase the Democrats’ promise to include the immigration program in the budget increased across the country.

Ignore the MP

Calls abounded this Tuesday in that call Comment expressed by McDonoughIt was conducted by a group of one hundred legal academics and activists who asked the vice president on Tuesday. Kamala Harris, Which avoids the unbounded perspectiveParliamentInclude immigration reform in the budget to be considered by the Senate.

In that sense, it is possible Elaf was considered an “unelected officer” (Just like McDonough) Millions of people cannot be prevented from gaining the path to citizenship.

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“The year is now and Democrats must keep their promises,” the director insists National Alliance for New Americans (NPNA), Groups of nearly 40 organizations defending the rights of immigrants in more than 30 states.

Order President Biden And his party agrees to host the National Conference on Immigration Coordination in Las Vegas, with the president delivering a previously recorded message this Monday in which he reaffirmed his support.The path to citizenship“For those covered by the Deferred Action (DACA), Temporary Protected Status (DPS) scheme and essential undocumented agricultural workers and laborers.

They have no priority at this time

But the professor said this support would not give priority to a democratic government at this time History and Latin Studies at Pomona College Miguel Tinker-Salas, In statements given to Efe.

He thinks immigration does not currently exist. “A fundamental problem to solve“Republicans have refused to do that because they have to focus on raising the credit limit to avoid debt.

They need to approve both economic plans. “FlagIt will define its mandate on an economic level.

But பிடன் You have to fight with the divisions within your party on these issues.

Keep your word

On the issue of immigration, the Democrats Senator for Arizona Kirsten Cinema Hesitant to support a reform, one rejection led many activists to confront it, even in a bathroom and on a plane, sparking criticism for the strategy used President Biden.

Tinker Salas This situation warns that the struggle should not be focused on the way it was conducted, but rather the cinema could not clearly answer the questions asked by the supporters of immigration reform and activists about what is protected by the DACA.

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Is a rebellion going to start?

System of Korean Immigrants NAKASEC He called for an event in the US capital on Tuesday, where a number of activists shaved their heads in protest.

Many Hispanic activists attended and joined the uprising demanding the vice president. Kamala Harris, Fulfill the promise made to the immigrants in the campaign.

For its part, the system Voices of the frontier It was announced that next Monday, October 11, a series of strikes by migrant and Latin workers would begin.

Christine Newman-Artis, Director of Vos de la Frontera in Wisconsin, said it was time to move on to immigration reform.Now”, Underscores the fact that 35 years have already passed without relief, allowing millions of undocumented immigrants on the path to citizenship.

This time we are not going to stop”, Sentik Newman-Artis.