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The 20 best cities in the world for dining

The 20 best cities in the world for dining

Naples was named the best gastronomic city in the world for 2024 by Time Out (picture info)

In its latest list, Time Out named NaplesItalyas the best gastronomic city in the world by 2024. It has emerged as a place of origin PizzaThe city is distinguished by its delicious cuisine, such as: Neapolitan stew And the sfogliatella. “Food is everything when you travel,” he explained. Grace Byrdthe magazine’s travel editor, in an interview with CNN Travel.

“Food is definitely an important part of our culture,” he added. Andrea Vivianiowner of a pizza restaurant Saint Maradona in NaplesAdding that reducing the city to only culinary offerings would be a waste of time.

time out This ranking was made by surveying thousands of city dwellers around the world. Participants rated their city’s gastronomic options, from quality to affordability, allowing them to identify the city with the best score in each country. “A good (or bad) dish can make or break a trip,” Baird added, stressing the importance of food in travel experiences.

Second place in this ranking went to Johannesburg, South Africa. Food writer Thando Moleketi Williams recommended visitors explore it Braamfonteina lively central neighborhood and other places like Mamakashaka wine bar and Friends on De Beer Street.

On the other side, Lima, Peruranked third, and is distinguished by its symbolic dishes such as Ceviche And the Rice with chicken. Central restaurantrecently took first place in the awards The world’s 50 best restaurants of 2023He also received a special mention for his culinary excellence.

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Cities like Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Beijing (China) And Bangkok (Thailand) round out the top six, all of whom are “experiencing a culinary renaissance.” The list also includes kuala lumpur (Malaysia), Mumbai (India) And Dubai (The United Arab Emirates) among the top ten.

Portland, Oregon It is the highest-ranked city in the United States, ranking 10th. time out He highlighted the famous pizza that contains typical taco ingredients.

Johannesburg takes second place in Time Out’s gastronomic rankings, highlighting the Braamfontein neighbourhood.

in it United kingdom, Liverpool He was outside the top 10, in 11th place. The city is famous for its typical dishes. Scousea stew usually made from beef or lamb. Alice PorterA city-based writer mentioned several new gastronomic projects in the area, such as the restaurant Statementincluded in the Michelin Guide.

To set up the arrangement, time out It was based not only on quality, but also on… Affordability, ensuring that high-quality meals are available to travelers of all budgets. This is reflected in cities such as medellin colombia)which ranked twelfth place, and Seville (Spain), in thirteenth place. Both cities have been recognized for their vibrant culinary scene and affordable, typical dishes.

Globally, there are other cities that stand out in this ranking Porto (Portugal), Marrakesh, Morocco) And Lyon (France). From street food to haute cuisine, each of these cities offers a unique and authentic culinary experience.

Sydney, Australia), montreal canada), Osaka, Japan) And Copenhagen, Denmark) They also appear on the list, completing the top twenty. Each of these cities was selected for display “Good meals at reasonable prices”according to Time Out Beard reviewer.

A dish from Central, in Lima, the city that ranked third in the culinary ranking.
  1. Naples
  2. Johannesburg
  3. Lime
  4. Ho Chi Minh
  5. Beijing
  6. Bangkok
  7. kuala lumpur
  8. Mumbai
  9. Dubai
  10. Portland
  11. Liverpool
  12. Medellin
  13. Seville
  14. Porto
  15. Marrakesh
  16. Leon
  17. Sydney
  18. Montreal
  19. Osaka
  20. Copenhagen
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